et another heart-warming event in the world of Azeroth, tonight led by Barovar Sunwhisper, a well-known and respected Half-Elven bard, owner and founder of the Wandering Lamp Post. In the hot springs of the Oasis of Vir’sar, couples, friends and singles where urged to come along and enjoy a night filled with free entertainment, free refreshments and a host of events, competitions and games led by Sunwhisper. Even before the night had officially begun, over thirty participants arrived to enjoy the atmosphere. The music made for a lavish ambience and the people’s chatter gives those around a feeling of welcome and warmth. Races from all around Azeroth came together to appreciate that feeling of peace, which is hugely appreciated and well reciprocated in a time of war. Even those of the Draconic races came to this event to get away from the loudness of what political and emotional battles may be happening elsewhere. Trolls, Vulpera and even the exotic races such as Sethrakk attended this event. Those that are new to socializing, or perhaps even those that wish to learn more of the multitude of races across our world came tonight and were able to learn about the others who roam our lands freely. Many reciprocated the free refreshments with a big smile, however the generosity of those people provided coin donations to the Wandering Lamp Post as a sign of thanks for the amazing night hosted, and the politeness of providing free drinks and food for the entire night. We asked some people attending the event what they were most excited for, and a bubbly Draenei, Orelia, came forth to give her thoughts. “I’m excited to be out here with friends, to hear music and just to get out of Stormwind for once. With everything going on in the world and the way things have been for the past decade, it’s nice to have small gatherings like this just to raise people’s spirits with music and companionship.” An awe-inspiring answer from Miss Orelia, that we’re sure many can relate to. Sibas Hamlet, an employee and courageous staff member of the Wandering Lamp Post agreed to elaborate on what he was most excited for during the event: “Honestly, I am just happy to see so many people arrive and assist with this cause, as you know we are collecting donations for the victims of the Primalists and malicious aggression.” Sometime after the event began, the games attended by a multitude of partners took place, involving blind cupcake throwing, don’t drop the egg, and fishing frenzy! All the couples came with their best efforts, but ultimately was won by Khari and Kraitt, a human and draenei couple that smashed every game with flying colours, and Chance and Erina, who came tied! The night ended with a fun event to raise money for charity, where people could donate money to support the victims of the Primalist threats, where over ONE HUNDRED gold was raised by the generous supporters of the night’s events. A generous man who wishes to be regarded as ‘Don’, took people by surprise when he donated five hundred gold to the cause. Thankfully I managed to steal a moment of time from the host, Barovar Sunwhisper, where he gladly gave me an insight as to what his goals were, and how he feels that they were achieved: [i“The theme is set around love is in the air,” he said. “We set out to make a party, but we really wanted to empathize with the theme of love and companionship, which is where the games came into it.” Sunwhisper went into detail about his goals and explained that he wanted “to give everybody a cracking time. There’s so much hate, and pain in this world, so we answer to that with love, and kindness.” He wishes for everybody to know that himself, his friends, and his merry band are open to all, and stated: “We don’t care who you are, who you side with. As long as you can set that aside for an evening to drink, dance and be merry with anyone, then you’re welcome to our future events any time.” In his closing statement, he said: “I want to give a huge thank you to everybody who helped me achieve this, I might head this company, but I stand on the shoulders of giants, giants like Kesego Silverhide, Caspira Murkshadow, Bertie Reeves and Fourrur de Fer, as well as every other staff member we have in our company. They’re the real success of this business.”