n the early hours of Monday this week, there was rumours of screams and cries within the areas of the old town, which were soon investigated by a group of alarmed civilians, who arrived to see a woman attacking another woman in a crazed attack. The citizens said that the suspect was rabid and crazed, and one of the concerned peoples even stated: “The blood was black… it was everywhere. Her teeth were sharp, and she had claws. Claws I tell you!” Both the guardsmen and the local followers of the Light are unaware of where this infection came from, however it could be related to the previous forms of plague that have caused havoc in our precious streets. There is currently no evidence that links this new rabid infection to the previous plague, however the hard working guardsmen and soldiers are working to investigate the source of this infection. One victim stated: “When I was bitten, everything went black, my blood felt cold, my arms were stiff. Everything was okay until everything shut off, I just wanted to kill everybody…” With such limited information regarding this ongoing infectious disease, we urge all citizens to immediately report any oddly acting or suspicious individuals to the guards with haste. Some of the ways these spreading, rabid subjects have been described as: "Sunburned, pale, sharp teeth, sharp claws, black blood and extremely feral, rabid and growly. Known to make disturbing noises such as growls, groaning or gurgling." Captain Chesterfield, of the Golf Company said to us on Tuesday evening: “We warn the citizens of Stormwind to keep their distance to the unknown. Simply be careful and report any sightings of this to us; Golf Company. - We will strive as we always do; to protect the citizens of this city and ensure safety for the -good- people of Stormwind. The real perpetrator will see justice.” A third victim of the ongoing infectious assaults, Elizabeth Mitford, came forward to describe the horrors she saw when a brave young woman kicked a rabid subject off of her in the mage quarter on Tuesday evening. “The man was feasting on the poor woman. She was shouting and screaming, and he kept biting like some sort of feral worgen, almost.” The equally brave and wounded Mitford used her firearm to put several bullets into the man that would’ve otherwise killed the young woman involved. Her bravery, along with the healing of two citizens ensured the life of a young girl was saved, and the perpetrator of this victim was put to rest. Wednesday comes and yet another victim is found within the lion’s rest, a worgen attacked by a woman, bitten. He became rabid quickly, though with the help of a paladin, and with the fast response from the Golf Company, a perimeter was set and the worgen was freed from the clutch of the infection. Thanks to the fast work of the guards, the rapid response of a paladin, the man was brought to good health and the scene was closed. Everybody was safe and nobody, but the perpetrator was harmed, which included yet another death.