ystery surrounds the discovery of seven bodies that were found on Saturday night in a grisly display at the Cathedral. According to the initial reports, the bodies fell from the sky through portals and bore gruesome wounds. Sources claim the victims were all nobles, and some of them had letters and words carved into their flesh. The seven bodies where spread in a semi circle around the front of the Cathedral, and each one of them had a word carved into their flesh: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony. Three of the bodies also had an additional letter carved into their bodies. The letters C - R - D. People are anxious and curious about what had happened, and since the bodies where "left" outside the Cathedral of Light it seemed to be a place of interest for those seeking answers. I visited the Cathedral and spoke with Vincent Haringoth about the incident. Haringoth explained that, as with most bodies, the Cathedral received the corpses to be stored, tended, prepared, and given the last rites. However, due to the unusual nature of the bodies, they were protected with holy wards. The bodies were tampered with, but beyond the carved letters and words, Haringoth refused to give any further details. I was also curious about the significance of the words carved into the flesh of the bodies. Haringoth mentioned that the words were a series of nouns that related to what some might consider to be unsavoury personality traits. However, he was not familiar with them appearing in any Church of Holy Light texts that he had spent time with. In light of the recent events (pun not intended), Haringoth urged people to come forward and speak with the guards if they knew anything about the incident. He also reminded people that the Cathedral is a sanctuary for all and encouraged those who were worried about the recent events to come and speak with them. The Cathedral is more than happy to help people deal with it on an emotional and spiritual level. Overall, while the conversation with Haringoth did not reveal much about the incident, it did offer a glimpse into the role that the Cathedral played in handling the situation. The Cathedral's willingness to provide emotional and spiritual support to those affected by the recent events is a testament to their commitment to serve the people of Stormwind City. While the authorities are still trying to piece together what happened, they have ruled out that this was a random act of violence. Instead, they believe that the murders were premeditated and had a particular motive. Adam Chesterfield, Captain of The Stormwind Guards (Golf Company), stated that they were working closely with the Cathedral Chapter to investigate the case. However, the progress has been slow, and they have not been able to determine the identities of all the victims. The only one they have confirmed is Ardulin Myfanwy, the cousin of Countess Meredydd. Captain Chesterfield and Lieutenant Tenebres Stormblade, both from Golf Company, could not provide many details. When I asked about the letters "D," "R," and "C" carved on the victims, Chesterfield replied that they did not know their meaning yet. He added that the authorities were asking the public to come forward if they knew any of the deceased. Lieutenant Stormblade speculated that the murders were the work of a group of vigilantes who were targeting nobles to gain attention and sympathy from the public. She drew parallels with the Red Hood case and noted that the victims' sins inspired the words carved on their bodies. Stormblade also predicted that more bodies might appear in the future, which would further incite the public against the nobility. Captain Chesterfield, for his part, assured the public that the authorities were taking this threat seriously and that justice would prevail. However, he warned that the culprits were likely to be cunning and not interested in being caught easily. The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities have asked the public to remain vigilant and report any information related to the case. The murders have shaken the community, and many are wondering what kind of motive could lead someone to commit such heinous acts. Captain Chesterfield has this final statement: "Stormwind does not take this threat lightly. Justice will prevail; in the end. -When- they are caught, they shall be dealt with to the full extent of the law."