orking late, burning the midnight oil and all that - Lester was in Old Town to see if Echo Company had anything newsworthy to report, and as he approached the gates he saw commotion ahead. A group of people gathered, including a high ranked officer of Echo Company. There was words being thrown back and forth and emotions seemed to run high. Lester, realizing it might turn into violence got his camera and notepad ready - in case what happened would turn out to be something the public needed to know about. As violence erupted from the group, Lester raised his camera and took a picture. Standard procedure and done a lot of times before. Only, this time something unexpected happened. A short woman, barely taller than a dwarf, stepped in front of Hardhy and without a word ripped his camera from his hands, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Repeatedly, and proceeded to take his notepad and set it on fire.


As the violence in the group at the gate escalated, members of Echo Company came running. Several of these officers seemed to recognize the woman and exchanged words with her. One called her "Lieutenant" in a sarcastic manner, as well as hinting that she should have been helping. If any members of Echo Company wishes to inform us of the identity of the woman with the hat, then we promise full discretion in the matter.

Reward for information:

We, The Lion's Roar, is rewarding any information about the woman, name, employment, where she lives, who she sees and talks to and of course also photos. We will be paying a reward of several silver and up to a gold for good information about the woman. We do not suggest, nor condone you break the law in your pursuit to gather information. No information is useless, bring it all to us and we will pay out the reward.


The woman is described as a human female, 35-45 of age, about 165cm and toned. A the time she was wearing a hat and with a side-arm in a holster. She was drinking coffee at the time and also a smoker. See the sketch above made by a talented artist (Thank you!) based on Lester's description of the woman. Contact Senior Journalist Hardhy Lester or Editor in Chief Spazzlefrock Frostcog if you have information regarding this woman.