his first article in our series about the unsung heroes focusses on a rather unpleasent job. We all seen them, from Old Town to Dwarven. Trade district and the docks, even the Cathedral district and all the Light and holiness does not keep them at bay. The little fat, disease-ridden bolts of fur and whisker. We are of course talking about The Stormwind Rat, and this is about the bane of them - Rulfus the Rat-catcher, or rather, Rulfus the Rat-killer. Our reporter Mel Thorpe and the ever present intern Wyra had a sit down with the semi-famous hatted man for a talk about the job. Mel: So tell me what it is exactly you do? Rulfe: Well it's fairly simple really, I patrol around the various districts findin rats then donkin them on the head with my mace here. Though this one is new.

Over 9000:

Wyra (intern): What number are you at, now? Rulfe: As it stands at this exact moment I'm on nine thousand total. Mel: Oh you are keeping count? Rulfe: Aye, I keep count 'n' I'd seem to be quite infamous for it. It's not uncommon for people to ask how many I'm on while I'm on my patrol. Wyra (intern): Congratulations! Mel: You follow a particular patrol while hunting rats then? Rulfe: That I do, I tend to start in old town for well obvious reasons really. Then I head up and through the Dwarven district, make a pit stop at the Shady Lady. Go through the Cathedral district to the harbour. Then head pack down south to the trade district. Mel: I see, How long have you been doing this for, I mean nine thousand.. That is quiet a number. Rulfe: If I had to say about 3-4 months? Could be longer or a tad shorter my sense of time ain't great.

No skills, no coins:

Mel: And what got you started in this interesting line of work? Rulfe: Mostly just gettin into Stormwind with few skills and fewer coins. Mel: I see and what is it you do with the rats? Wyra (intern): The... their bodies, you mean? Rulfe: I pick 'em up put them in a bag and that bag gets burnt. Mel: Oh I see. Good to know, those things can carry all sorts of diseases. Rulfe: Exactly why they gotta be burnt, only safe way to stop them from spreadin all sorts of diseases, also stops the other rats from eatin the corpses.


Wyra (intern): Have you given any thought to where the source of the infestation might come from? Rulfe: In fact I do have a suspicious, although I think rats from the harbour is an issue.. I think the biggest source is from the Deeprun tram. See the infestation down there is never endin. If we could set up a rat sapper at the entrance that wouldn't fry the smallest of gnomes but would fry the biggest of rats, I think we'd have a decent chance of puttin a dent into the rat population. But that's above my level of understandin how'd it work Wyra (intern): Well... you could always get in touch with someone who'd know! Rulfe: Though there's also havin to fiqure out the cost of doin somethin like that. Plus I imagine there's permits that need to be figured out to install that sorta contraption in the city.. Wyra (intern): All things that can be figured out if the right minds are involved!


Rulfe: I'll gladly clear any rats you have in your house if your willin to give me some Moonberry Juice, love that stuff I do. Wyra (intern): You don't want money? Rulfe: Well most homes tend not to have more then twenty rats, but that's the cost of the juice. Works out in my favour in the end. Mel: Quite the everyday hero aren't you. Clear our streets and homes of the infestation. Wyra (intern): He sure is! Isn't that just the best sort of hero, Mel? Rulfe: I get called a hero way more then I deserve. I'm just a simple man with a simpler job. Wyra (intern): Oh, there's nothing simple about you! Isn't that right, Mel? Mel: I agree Sometimes its the small jobs that make the big difference. Any idiot can swing a sword and call them self a hero. Rulfe: Well I hope the readers enjoy this interview as much as I did, it was certainly a unique experience. And here at the Lion's Roar, we also hope the readers enjoyed this. Do get in touch if you know just the person we should interview next for this series of articles.