aturday evening riots exploded all over the city. Myself and Hardy were on scene to report at the cathedral where the riot first began but to be honest there was no news here. Nothing new. The same old story on repeat from the riot just six months prior. After twenty minutes we had had enough and decided to get away from the angry yells that could be heard half way across the city. Not long after we found ourselves in the recluse, figured we would have a quiet drink in a calmer atmosphere. However we were only there a few minutes, hadn't even made it to the bar before a few of the patrons had drawn their weapons and started barking orders. Ordering everyone to cellar. A female Ren'dorei in particular seemed to be taking charge, whose name I later discovered to be Miss Illyrania Shiverbloom. She was quite aggressive, bossy and even insulting. “EVERYONE CELLAR. NOW!” “MOVE MOVE MOVE!” “ARE YOU IDIOTS?!” At first we thought this must be some sort of hostage situation, I did try to find out what was going on from one of the men but his only answer was “No comment, not just yet.” So somewhat confused I followed the others to the basement, intent of getting to the bottom of this. It wasn't long before I realized this was not a hostage situation at all but those cowering in the basement were frightened Ren'dori hiding from an angry mob incited by the riots. And the men and women above were doing there best to hide and protect them. The Ren'dorei were clearly frightened, one of them quite distraught worrying about a loved one still out in the city somewhere but all were clearly grateful for those that were helping keep them safe. After things had calmed down a bit I managed to talk to a few of them. Baldemar Stonebridge, Sonne Lyons, Harry Samuel Truman and Illyrania Shiverbloom or Ava (A nickname, I think) Not a military unit, nor city guard or even a private guard being payed for their protection. No these were just ordinary men and women, concerned citizens who saw something needed doing and did it. Protecting those who could not protect themselves. True heroes.