he Grand Prix is set to start on Sunday, the first track being visited on the tour of the Azeroth Grand Prix is around Fuselight in Badlands. The ambitions are high, multiple races, winners for each track as well as a championship ranking with a final winner after all five races. We set down at Pinky's Groggery in Boralus with the three people behind this ambitious sporting event for a talk about expectations, rules, prizes and much more. With me I had our intern, Wyra as well as a recent addition to our journalist staff - Mel Thorpe.


Amidst smoke from cigarettes and the sound of bottles of refreshments I started out by getting them to introduce themselves. H. Lester: Aamyr. A name most know. But surely there is more to the name than just "a guy who does events" Aamyr: What do you wish to know? What exists beyond the shouting guy in Dalaran? Wyra (Intern): Shouting guy in Dalaran? Aamyr: That's where my inn and crew is. Up in violet town, the Unbounds are trying to establish a community that goes beyond the boundaries of race and faction by holding all sorts of events. During such events, the boss uses his voice as an announcer, a host etcetera!" H. Lester: What is your role in this Grand Prix? Aamyr: One of the organizing parties. It's not an Unbound event but after the success of a similar Grand Prix in Dalaran some weeks ago, Modian and Athena decided that it is a promising concept to expand on. They are the pro racers. I mostly organize the advertising and the race as a whole. H. Lester: So you are more of the organiser and they are handling the technical racing stuff? Aamyr: Mhm. You could note them down as the 'vroom vroom experts' H. Lester: Alright, lets move down the line then. Athéna Tel'Pirien: I'm Athéna Tel'Pirien. Once army sergeant, now public and military arms instructor. I work at the Lamb too in Stormwind. ..I'e, take part in, every race that's been on this year.. Won the first, the AlleyChopper races at Stormwind Harbour. I help Aamy with the current GP by local promotions, finding racers and helping pick circuits. I didn't qualify in the recent Dalaran GP sadly though. can't win em all. Wyra (Intern): Hey, at least you won one! That's amazing! Athéna Tel'Pirien: Might be my only, but yeah. Wyra (Intern): Naw, don't say that! I'm sure you'll get the chance to win again. After Wyra's consolation we moved on to the last person, Modian Goldenfield. Modian Goldenfield: aight.. I´m Modian Goldenfield, an Army veteran that became an adrenalin junky some time ago, so now I fix and make engines... and my role in this event are like Thay´s. Dealing with the circuits, finding new racers and crushing the numbers for betting and all the boring stuff and I guess I became the runner up in the Dalaran Grand prix? His question was answered by a thumbs up from Aamyr and it was time to move on to the meat of the whole thing. The Grand Prix.

The Azeroth Grand Prix:

H. Lester: Alright. Lets get to the meat of it then. Grand Prix. A series of races in different locations with a total ranking and score, yeah? Modian Goldenfield: That´s the main idea, for sure. H. Lester: How many you plan on having in one Grand Prix? Races I mean Modian Goldenfield: I believe we´ve negotiate to a reasonable number, so far we´ve plan atleast what... five to six races in one series? Aamyr: Four or five races for one tournament sprawling in different locations across Azeroth." Modian Goldenfield: Five it was. Athéna Tel'Pirien: Five's a solid answer. H. Lester: Badlands for this first one, any hints for the next four? Athéna Tel'Pirien: Not from me. I'd like to build up the suspense. These two might indulge you though. Modian Goldenfield: Only that ya gotta prepare ya bike for any possible track that´s out there. Aamyr: We can tell you that it will be remote enough for a challenge but not too remote to be haunted, murdered, devoured or worse fate of them all, have your bike stolen. H. Lester: Aw, nothing? for the readers of The Lion's Roar? Teasing. I see. Very well, who can compete? Modian Goldenfield: Everyone that got a proper racing machine are welcome to sign-up. Aint gonna stop ya. But the earlier one can signup in the series of circuits and the more times ya compete, the bigger chance ya have to become the Grand Prix champion. After all we run with a score board of each Circuit´s three winners. H. Lester: Which is a nice segway into my next question. Scoring. What is the system in place? Athéna Tel'Pirien: First place recuieves three points. Second place; two, and third; one. So someone may win the first race and get three points, but they may not stay top of the board if they do not try and keep themselves ahead. H. Lester: A simple system - how often do you plan to have a race? Modian Goldenfield: I believe we´ve spoken of it to be a monthly event, at best. eh? Seeing as finding the circuit and location for both racers and merchants, are demanding. It´s a nice balance of finding a place that suits both aspects of the grand prix, after all.

Clean race for both factions:

H. Lester: I assume none of you three will compete? Aamyr: My two good friends and associates will actually be competing. I will be the announcer but yeah both Athena and Modian will be partaking." Modian Goldenfield: Athena and I have by choice taken distance from judging or being part of anything that will choose the winner. being that we love racing ourselves, we wanna take part of as much of the Grand prix as possible. H. Lester: Hm. You are not worried that will cause issues? If you win there WILL be people talking about matchfixing Modian Goldenfield: It is a worry ofcourse, but it aint a race if it´s fixed, I can only speak for myself, but winning a rigged race? that´s like hunting a tied up deer, their aint no sport in it. Athéna Tel'Pirien: Quite right. H. Lester: Sure, but you expect someone who loses to you to be that sensible about it? Aamyr: There will be booze available for the sore losers. Modian Goldenfield: and lots of it H. Lester: would make for a nice dramatic article.. "Race coordinator wins own race" Wyra (Intern): So if alcohol doesn't quiiiite convince someone to be reasonable... do you have any type of security at the race? Modian Goldenfield: I´d hope any racer, winner or looser are reasonable enough to see that violence will not do any good. and if one were to break the peace, would also most likely be banned from future races. Aamyr: My organization will be there to provide such. We will be holding a pop up bar and assure that nothing gets out of control. H. Lester: It is for both factions correct? Aamyr: Indeed. Modian Goldenfield: Ya said something smart about that, Aamyr, back at our first meeting..something along the line of.. "Greating a possitive community, no matter blue or red" Aamyr: I always say smart stuff? Modian Goldenfield: uff, dont push it Aamyr. Aamyr: But yes that's the quintessence of the event. Show that the passion of 'vroom vroom' transcends race and faction. It went well in Dalaran and the feedback was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Let us hope that the good spirits will carry on. H. Lester: So the clever reader can already now start guessing where the future races will NOT be. We won't see a streetrace in Stormwind for instance. Modian Goldenfield: It´d be a fel of a mess if there were. Plus the people falling into the canals, uff? Athéna Tel'Pirien: Regrettably not. But that is not to say other racing events will not take place there. Aamyr: A real shame as a few good circuits have been recommended in alliance areas.


H. Lester: One of you, I think it was you Mister Goldenfield, mentioned betting? Modian Goldenfield: Aye, it´s still in the works aight now, seeing as we´ve just come out of a war, we´re still trying to make the limits of the bets... but I can say the system are ready for it to be set up. H. Lester: So there will be official betting on Sunday? Modian Goldenfield: sadly not for this race, but hopefully the next, specially with the winners score´s being effected with it, if they are to race again. Wyra (Intern): Why not for this race? Aamyr: Do you want the off the record or the official answer? Wyra (Intern): Both. Aamyr: Truth's in the middle, actually. Officially, we are still improving and working on the strucutre of the race so the betting was one of the last parts to look into. Unofficially, I have yet to find a capable and reliable enough of a person to handle the betting. I am not gonna let some random goblin in Fuselight take care of such, no ma'am.

The lineup:

H. Lester: You have any idea how many racers will show up for this first race? Modian Goldenfield: last I made count... it was.. fifteen I believe. Aamyr: Exclduing the last minute sign ups which are more than you think. Athéna Tel'Pirien: Undoubtably. Modian Goldenfield: The snoozers, mhm H. Lester: Oh I would imagine so. You mentioned a bar, besides that, what else can spectators indulge in during the race? Modian Goldenfield: Oooowh now I have some goodies for ya. Aamyr: Not just a bar but a small market as well where enterpreneurs can set up shops. Everyone loves some shopping. Modian Goldenfield: indeed, Even a specific chocolate stall, that are insured on the day, for all them sweettooths out there. Wyra (Intern): Will there be anything else aside the market? Like... carnival things? Athéna Tel'Pirien: Fuselight has a small staging area, so not this time. but on bigger circuits with more space to accomodate more activites; oh to be sure, there will be. Wyra (Intern): Any examples to share? I know I love a good "dunk the carnival host"! Aamyr: Don't give them ideas. Modian Goldenfield: let that be a mystery for the readers, eh? Wyra (Intern): Aw, alright. For the readers. Athéna Tel'Pirien: Any performance artists or mini-game business owners, be sure to get in contact of course. Modian Goldenfield: Ofcourse, we are more than welcoming if any one are interested in getting mixed into the Grand prix, for amusement or such. Wyra (Intern): Oooh, I hope they will! Racing's fun on its own, but you need somewhere to spend all the adrenaline of watching.

Show me the money:

H. Lester: Prizes. What are we talking here? Modian Goldenfield: should we spoil that, Aamyr? give them abit to invigorate the folk? Wyra (Intern): Please do! Athéna Tel'Pirien: I think folks need an incentive. Aamyr: Mhm. We can give a sneak peek by saying what we gave last time? The prizes were quite unconventional. First prize was a flying carpet... which come to think of it was a bit counter-intuitive for a bike rider. The second one that Modian won was an enchanted lamp for the bike to make night riding more practical. Modian Goldenfield: a real fancy piece. H. Lester: Come now, you can't tease with what other people already won - people want to know what they can win by racing Aamyr: They will be of similar nature and of course... good old shiny gold! Modian Goldenfield: Think ya gotta reveal them, pal. We´re being to teasing. Aamyr: Let me see then that the winner of the race will be 'immortalized' in some sort of art. Wyra (Intern): Like a statue? H. Lester: So you want people to come to Badlands, participate in a race and spend coins on transportation, fuel, parts and what not, and they can win - a sketch of themselves? Aamyr: Maybe? Or a badass painting while riding off into the sunset? Or perhaps a figure? 'A sketch of themselves'. That sounds a tad underwhelming. I assure you that we want the winner of a race to feel like a proper winner. The prize will be worthy and they will see it. H. Lester: Alright. I guess people will just have to trust you on that if you won't say. Wyra (Intern): Well, you did also mention gold! Any idea how much? Aamyr: A hundred gold is alluring enough? If we're talking raw gold that is. Wyra (Intern): I certainly don't have that amount on my person so... yes?

The finish-line:

H. Lester: Sunday the 23rd, and in Badlands, where exactly? and what time? Athéna Tel'Pirien: Fuselight. Modian Goldenfield: Mhm, it´s gonna be at Eight aclock that the races will commence, having the racers gather up and divided up into the different groups. But we advice people to show up earlier than that, to assure they aint forgotten, due to them being late. H. Lester: And when is last chance to sign up? Modian Goldenfield: I personally are gonna be at Fuselight before hand, and ready to take the last signups from 19.00 pm to ten minutes before 20.00. H. Lester: Alright - and we are getting close to the end here - is there one message you want to really get across to people out there? Athéna Tel'Pirien: I'd say just have fun. we've seen too much rubbish in this world and we aren't getting any younger. Why not try something new? That's from me at anyrate. If racing, shopping or just a new place to get drunk holds any interst for you - then why not spend your Sunday evening at the first race of the Azeroth Grand Prix, as a spectator, or a competitor. I know The Lion's Roar will do their best to be there and report from the event.