t is time for another Roaring Days music festival. Why? Well because a lot of you asked for another one after the success of the first one. Like last time the festival will be hosted and presented by The Lion's Roar. So what is Roaring Days? It is a woodlands music festival held on a small farmstead (Dandred's Fold) along the southern shore of Lake Lordemere, it lasts two days and features a program packed with musical perfomances. From Dink Battlewar on her Accordian, to Güntar playing those lovely fast paced dwarven polkas, to Barovar's who never fails to please the crowd with his almost magical fingers (no, just don't!), and of course, true to tradition the festival ends with the number one band in Azeroth (and beyond) Shredding Accordingly who will rock you into the night and ectasy. The list of performers features performers also featured on the first festival, but there is also a few new people who did not perform last time. The festival runs for two days, Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th of September - yes that is right, it is next week so you don't have to wait too long! The official program both days starts at 20:00 and last until 23:00, at which point there is open stage for any performers wanting to enthrall any festival goers still present. The festival takes place during brewfest so feel free to be inspired by this and bring your best brewfest outfit - or simply shows up - enjoy the music - and grab a drink or a snack from the vendors at the festival. To those worried, then yes, I did order a couple of portable toilets to prevent the disaster of a queue we had last time, but alas, I got a letter this morning saying they might not make it in time. Something about still being cleaned after having been rented out to a group of furbolgs. Bring a tent, camp out, hang out with friends and have a great time! See you at Roaring Days! (there may or may not be puns during my presentations. You have been warned!) Vendors: Hummingbird Emporium The Wandering Lamp Post Jack Silver The Wildhaven Saloon ...and more to come There is still room for a few more vendors for the festival, but it should be mentioned that this is not a market, so vendors are limited to food, drinks, musical related items - as well as merchandise supporting one or more artists. If you are interested in setting up a stall, helping as a volunteer or put on a small event within the festival then contact Hardhy Lester of the Lion’s Roar.

The short version:

Where: Dandred's Fold, Hillsbrad Foothills, Lake Lordamere When: Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th of September What: 2 Days of music, food, and drinks 10+ artists performing 6+ hours of music Pitch a tent, stay the night