ate last night a fiery-bearded Dark Iron dwarf assaulted at least two citizens, luckily, both times he was interrupted, and no one was majorly hurt. The first victim was a young woman standing lost in her own thoughts gazing at a fountain. The would-be robber pressed a dagger against her back and started searching her, hoping to lighten the woman of any valuable possessions. Unfortunately for him a vigilant citizen, armed with a camera happened upon the situation, and as the flash mounted on said citizen's camera went off, so did the dwarf. The woman was shaken but unharmed and just as said citizen - okay, that is getting old, it is clearly me - just as I was talking to her about reporting it to the guard I heard a yell of anguish, pain, and desperation from Master Stonehammer, also known as Ben or Benrus. He was yelling for guards at the Cathedral, and I instantly ran over to see if I could assist in any way, I even managed to channel - what I hope looked menacing - some crackling energy around my hands. Luckily no one called my bluff as the perpetrator was already fleeing the scene - and as you may have guessed by now - the criminal was the same dwarf who had just tried to rob the young woman. On the ground was poor Master Stonehammer, thrown from his wheelchair, bruised, shaken and in pain. Apparently, it is not beneath this fiery bearded bastard of a criminal to attack the elderly and crippled. Quickly a bit of a crowd gathered, from passer-by’s to medics, we all helped poor Master Stonehammer get back into his chair and after a brief conversation I left the scene of the crime with him and headed to the guards in Old Town to report the crime and on the way an Ebon Knight who also had information regarding the perpetrator joined us. Hopefully the information we could supply will help them catch the guy before more people get hurt.