pparently it is not beyond the Golf Company - aka - The King's Footmen to deal with pirates. That is, if one of their own is captured. Saturday night last week Sergeant John Hartman of the King's Footmen was captured in Old Town during an ambush. An old lady appeared to have twisted her ankle, and in an uncommon act of caring the Sergeant offered to help the lady get home. Unfortunately for him, and I am sure now a teaching of why you don't help citizens of the city, it turned out to be an ambush as four pirates from the notorious ship "The Resolute" sprang forth from the shadows once the Sergeant and the injured lady arrived at what she claimed was her home. Sergeant Hartman was brought to Westfall unconscious, bound and gagged and was kept captive in one of the many alcoves along the coastline. The pirates had a letter sent to the Captain of Golf Company, Captain Tenebres Stormblade demanding an exhchange of prisoners. The guard sergeant for Captain Fernando Al'Dazhar, the captain of "The Resolute". Apparently the deal was accepted by Captain Stormblade and on Tuesday evening the respective parties met on the misty shorelines by the Westfall lighthouse. Four guards of the King's Footmen, and Lieutenant Verling of the Stormwind Royal Navy acting as a negotiator was present, and off the coast the silhuette of the Kul Tiran build ship "The Resolute" was presenting the skull and bones flag associated with piracy, despite their own claim of not being pirates, but merely privateers, who apprently has not been able to produce a proof of such claim. The ship had their broadside facing the shoreline, ready to fire its guns should things not go as the pirates wanted. Lieutenant Verling - an experienced officer of the Stormwin Royal Navy - had "HMS Redemption" hide in the fog nor far from the exchange location. With Captain Reade in command the frigate had its Stormwind colours proudly flying from its masts, waiting for the pirates to flee so it could pursue with vigor, hunting the pirates. The exchange of prisoners went according to plans, the Sergeant of Golf Company, Hartman, was exchanged for Captain Fernando Al'Dazhar of "The Resolute", and the pirate captain was hurried into a rowboat and sailed to his ship where cheers could be heard even at the shoreline. The ship then made way towards the Pandarian continent, using the mist to slip away from the navy laying in wait. With Captain Fernando Al'Dazhar back in charge of "The Resolute" and free on the waters, safety at sea has taken a dive (pun intended). Captain Reade of "HMS Redemption" of the Stormwind Royal Navy issued the following statement on behalf of the Stormwind Admirality: "During these recent peaceful times I have drilled my crew to the highest standards, now we put the skills honed in to action. We will be leaving Stormwind shortly to hunt Captain Al'Dazhar and his crew and once more bring safety to the high seas and allow for passage of trade in peace." We wish HMS Redemption a safe journey and a succesful hunt.