nother week passes, and yet more things continue to happen. Amazing, isn’t it? Here’s a few of those things, in no particular order.

From Peg Legs to Artificial Eyes

Never before have there been as many prosthetics among the people of the Alliance. The reason, of course, are the many injuries from the Fourth War and the discovery, or rather re-discovery of Mechagon Island, opening up so many technological and medical advancements in that direction. More people than ever now walk around with artificial limbs, and some of them choose to give them something extra, too. Arcane legs, arms with built-in grappling hooks, hands made out of rock. The possibilities seem to be endless, and the numbers of prosthetics just keep climbing.

Darkfallen Apprehended

Foxtrot Company, the new guard unit, is already hard at work protecting our citizens from threats and enemies of the state. While arresting a suspect, a Darkfallen decided to intervene, trying to prevent the guards from making the arrest. As she challenged the soldiers, they quickly neutralised her with non-lethal means, before handing the situation over to a pair of Ebon Knights, given her undead status. Fairly well done, from what I can tell, so maybe there is hope for the guards in this city after all! And to everyone else reading, maybe it’s better to not jump in to defend strangers when you see the guards arresting them. I’ve seen it a few times now, and it was usually dumb, dangerous, and disruptive.

Grand Opening of the Rosewood Tavern

For those interested in the tavern scene of Boralus, there’s a new place to get hammered! The Rosewood Tavern at the Ashvane Docks takes the place of the former Hangman’s Noose, with a grand opening that includes some wonderful music from Octavia Sweet-Stonebridge, and a keg-smashing ceremony. It seems like a cosy place, but of course, being in Boralus, my experience was that within the first thirty minutes, there was a chauvinistic asshole insisting on ordering for me as if I was some helpless girl, and then insulting me and my work based on someone else’s actions. I’ve also been told that there was some violent drama later on that night. Classic Boralus! But if you can deal with that sort of thing, then Boots and Syrina Lionshield, who run the Rosewood Tavern, will be offering you entertainment in the form of regular brawls, quiz evenings, and other fancy events. Dancing on the table is encouraged!

A Repeat Champion

The fourth Lion’s Roar Joke Night was held in the Recluse this week, with four contestants presenting their jokes and stories to a packed audience. Although, maybe this one should be called the Accent Night, as most of the contestants were so difficult to understand that a majority of punchlines just flew over people’s heads. Last month’s champion, Laikah, took part again, and won the whole contest handily with an impressive stand-up routine about love and gender differences. It was an easy win, probably because people could actually understand her. So here’s some advice for you all: If you’re going to speak in front of an audience, try to speak clearly and with as little of an accent as possible. Keep that in mind for the next contest on the 28th of August, again at the Blue Recluse!

Aristocrats Go On Holiday

Once again, the nobles convened in the Keep for the weekly Court Council, but this time, they had their closing ceremony for the summer - even those hard-working aristocrats need a break once a year, right? It was of course once again the Secretary of Internal Affairs who chaired the session, since the Chancellor and both Vice-Chancellors were nowhere to be seen as per tradition, but! The beloved Lord Essington did actually show up toward the end to hold a speech. It wasn’t really interesting, but here are some quotes from earlier throughout the night: “Prostitution is a significant part of the country’s economy” - A Court Magus Now I’m curious, how significant are we talking? Are there any numbers? “It’s not like you commoners are of any value anyway” - A petitioner I’d say I’m worth at least a few gold, according to the last date auction I participated in. “[Elves] should have just all burnt when that tree went down. Would have made the world a better place.” - Same petitioner Gotta love the nobility. Apparently, it was ‘important that a petition of this nature is heard’. I don’t know about everyone else, but if I was in charge, I’d probably throw that petitioner out myself. If you’d like to hear more like this, the Court Council will return from their break on the 22nd of August!
If you see or hear anything interesting, or know of something that should end up in these segments, send me a letter! I can only report on what I know about.