ots of things happen in the world. For example, are you aware that every 60 seconds in Stranglethorn, a minute passes? Most of these things just aren’t quite big enough to warrant an entire article on their own, but if we bundle them up together, they may just make it!

New Play In The Making?

Everyone’s favourite playwright is back in Stormwind: Eugene Ross, one of the big minds behind the famed Midnight Theatre. Though he doesn’t yet know how long his stay will be, he did reveal to me that he’s working on a new play that may or may not make it to the stage. Sadly, he couldn’t reveal much to me in this early phase, but he did say that "it will be a prime example of scorching satire." Sounds pretty good to me!

Brigands In Dun Morogh

Turns out the snowy mountains of Dun Morogh may not be the safest place, who would have thought. Lately, there’s been reports of brigands there, ambushing and attacking dwarven travellers, and it’s been somewhat of an issue, apparently. Luckily, the Alliance military is already on it, with a unit stationed in Ironforge refocusing their attention to make the area safe once more. That might take a bit though, so for the next few weeks, I’d advise against travelling alone through the mountains!

Free Food All Around

Ever noticed how lately, there’s been a trend of people handing out free food? There’s even quite some variety now! If you’re into Pandaren food, and who isn’t, then Zexi Qiao is your man. But be prepared for huge portion sizes. Another one is Bhirgin Bronzebane, a Dark Iron Dwarf who I’ve heard even gives out free ale. Manners not included, I’ve been told he can be less than civilised. Finally, there’s Emily Talan, a young baker with a flower crown, usually carrying a basket with various sweet pastries. So there’s something for everyone, and I can confirm that it’s not even poisoned!

Charity Weekend A Success

Some people just want to watch the world improve. That’s the case with the Amber Foundation, which had their two-year-anniversary this week, and celebrated that with a whole bunch of volunteer work. First they had two dozen people coming together to repair a stable in the Westfall Residential Project on Saturday, and then they had the monthly Soup Kitchen on Sunday, giving out even more free food, care packages, and all that. Seems everyone was happy with the turnout!

New Guard Unit Established

Foxtrot Company is a new group of guards operating out of City Hall that entered the service this Monday. They already seem to be quite popular, I actually had to queue behind potential recruits when I stopped by to take a look at them. Captain Thixan Hatchet stated that their goal is to be fair and respectful, and help people in need. Seems kind of obvious, but then again, Golf Company is a thing. Let’s hope this new unit lives up to their promises!

Crime On The Rise

And Captain Hatchet’s unit will have their work cut out for them, because Stormwind has been fairly criminal lately. There’s the usual things like people trying to beat each other up on the street, and innocents being mugged in dark alleys, but also some more creative crimes, scammers in particular. The Golden Keg had an encounter with a purple-wearing gnome who’s been trying to scam taverns out of free food and drinks for months now. This time, he used an illusion to try and take the appearance of one of the employees. It did not work out, but beware, he’s still out there!

Continued Cultist Complications

The Crimson Reign seems to still be causing trouble down in Duskwood, assaulting, abducting and murdering people left and right. The issue persists despite the Court’s efforts, and it’s even getting worse as they seem to even have spread to Elwynn and Redridge. While people fight back, so far it seemed that the weakened Kingdom lacks the military resources to deal with them swiftly and decisively. That may potentially change, as the Court adopted a motion now to proscribe the cult according to the Organized Crime Act. Apparently, that allows the guards to arrest people and enter their homes without sufficient proof if they just suspect that someone is connected to the cult. Feels like a motion like that should require more than just a handful of votes to pass, if you ask me. Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to too much overreach by the guards.
If you see or hear anything interesting, or know of something that should end up in these segments, send me a letter! I can only report on what I know about.