s the bell strikes eight in the evening, a crowd of people gathers. Around the Cathedral merchants, entertainers, and people from all stages of life gather to participate in the yearly Summer Market. A warm breeze sweeps through the streets as the participants congregate. Eager to purchase their next life-changing trinket, perhaps? The atmosphere seems positive as people and merchants alike mingle. As the evening goes on the merchants all yell out a choir of lyrics, backed up by the musicians performing along the streets. There is everything one can think of on sale and up for grabs. From military equipment, to adventuring gear, to trinkets and baubles, and even a stall of devoted priests and priestesses handing out blessings. How exciting. But are people's needs and wants met? I decided to ask visitors of the market to see what exactly they were looking for and if said items were on offer. My first interviewee was a passer-by who happened to be holding a very big teddy bear in his arms. So, of course, I had to inquire. Sonja Serif:"Name?" Sir Dorian:"Sir Joshua Dorian." Sonja Serif:"What exactly are you looking for?" Sir Dorian:"I'm just looking about for anything that my children might like!" Sonja Serif:"So you are looking for toys and the like? Found any yet?" Sir Dorian:"Yeah. I sure have!" Joshua points to his rather large teddy bear "Got this at Silver Oddities" He adds with a smile. Sonja Serif:"So are you happy with the market so far? Thoughts?" Sir Dorian:"Oh I am always happy to come to the market." He adds with yet another smile. My next interviewee was a nice Pandaren woman having a look around. She seemed to have an interest in the food stalls around. I caught her with a gleeful smile and a shimmer in her eyes. Sonja Serif:"Name?" Niuko Manapaw:"Niuko Manapaw." Sonja Serif:"What exactly are you looking for?" Niuko Manapaw:"Well, I first found out the market was today, so I came to look around. But personally, I always love to see all the different food stalls. I guess it's just me being Pandaren, but I do love to explore cuisine" Sonja Serif:"So food is on your priority list. Found any yet?" Niuko Manapaw:"Well, I prefer to try something new and interesting I'm not used to. I've gotten some already! I got some churros, and a hot pocket with rabbit meat. Sure it'll always be my own kin selling Pandaren cuisine. But I like to taste the other races food." Sonja Serif:"And how are you enjoying the market so far?" Niuko Manapaw:"Oh it's lovely, a lot of people. All have been nice, and charity too, serving a good cause. I think it's a good thing. There should be one every week! Wish there was someone selling elven food though. I never had it. For some reason no one is selling it..." With a grumble in her stomach for some elven food I bid farewell to Miss Manapaw. I caught a Worgen woman after a purchase. She was eyeing the market excitedly. Sonja Serif:"Name?" Adeline Oxford:"Adeline Oxford" Sonja Serif:"What exactly are you looking for?" Adeline Oxford:"Well initially nothing, but now I'm considering getting some clothes. Already got a neat backpack, and soon a dragon plushie, so. Neat things I guess." Sonja Serif:"Did you set out to buy any of these things to begin with?" Adeline Oxford:"I honestly didn't even know it was here until we walked past." She adds, with a grin. Sonja Serif:"How are you finding the market so far?" Adeline Oxford:"It seems nice and cosy! No drama so far. So it's nice!" I was asked by Miss Oxford to take her picture together with her wife-to-be who was finishing up a purchase of her own. She wished only to go by Marissa. As the clock struck half past nine many of the stalls were finishing their remaining purchases for the night. I had to be quick. It was time to ask some of the stalls around some questions before they would all be packing. As people realized the stalls were finishing up many took the opportunity to do their last bit of shopping, limiting the amount of questions I could ask due to increased business. Luckily for me I was able to catch two stalls for questions before it was all over. I met with a joint venture next and the two owners were happy to answer my questions. Sonja Serif:"Name of Business? What exactly are you selling?" Valar:"Our name is 'Union of Hope' and we sell magical items, enchantments and jewellery." Sonja Serif:"Have business been good today here at the market?" Camila:"Quite so actually! We've had a few customers and so far all of them said they'd come visit our store for more business. We're quite prominent on focusing on the customer. But we also take on missions to aid those who seek it. We believe each customer is different, so we tend to take orders more than having single items for sale." Sonja Serif:"Do you feel like you have given people the things they need? Or did you need to sway them to buy your goods?" Camila:"So far, we've managed to please everyone's interest and needs, as I stated. Each customer is different, so we make things to order, so there's no way to not have what people want, when we make things to the customer’s needs." Sonja Serif:"How has the market been treating everyone so far?" Valar:"Pretty good for me yes. A bit busy around, but nothing wild actually." Camila:"I have to bow to the organization, we signed later then we were supposed to, yet they didn't turn their back on us, they found us a spot and everything has been great. I think they have a good thing going on here, brilliantly planned." It was now getting rather late and most stalls were either jam-packed of packed-up for the night. However behind Cathedral I was able to catch up to two Pandaren who had not yet finished up packing for the night. Lucky me. Sonja Serif:"Name of Business? What exactly are you selling?" Haniremon:"Ah, well we are Yumplings. We sell yummy Pandaren food. We are a street cart with a focus on speedy food, but with the highest quality" Sonja Serif:"Have business been good today here at the market?" Haniremon:"It has been rather good, yeah. Not our best turn-out ever, but the enjoyable atmosphere makes up for it tenfold. Luckily, we can count on quite a number of loyal customers as well, who find us out wherever we are. We are very grateful for them." Sonja Serif:"Do you feel like you have given people the things they need? Or did you need to sway them to buy your goods?" Haniremon:"Oh, I don't really feel like we have to sway people to buy our food. Most people know our name already and for those who don't, they rumbly tummies usually have led them to our stall." Haniremon adds with a slight laugh. Sonja Serif:"How has the market been treating everyone so far?" Haniremon:"Oh we had a wonderful time! We are very happy and feel privileged with our spot here close to the gazebo, where we could enjoy the amazing concert from Shredding Accordingly. It was an enjoyable and fun night with good music! All in all. It seems most people were happy and content with the state of the market and a good chunk of people were able to get what they were after. Even if they did not know what they were after to begin with. We can only hope for equally successful market next month. Filled with an equal amount of fun, festivity, and cheer as this month’s celebration.