ach Tuesday The Shady Lady hosts a brawling event in the back alley behind the bar. It starts at 9 and signups for the brawling starts at 8. There are limited spots for the brawl so if you want a chance then show up early. This is from the fights Tuesday the 18th of August.

Round #1:

First fight of the night saw Morty face up against Veren and ended with Veren being ruthlessly dragged across the concrete and slammed headfirst into the crates. The girl got back up though battered and bruised but okay And Morty moved on to the semi-finals. Next up Khadas took on Lucian. Lucian, seemingly the villain of these brawls was intent on maiming his opponent with sharp kicks to the kneecap and the poor elves manhood. But although he can dish out punishment it appears he's too coward to take it, disqualifying himself by using magic before Khadas could take him down, scoring Khadas a place in the Semi-final. The third fight of the night Seraphina was put up against Yasker, Beauty versus the beast. Was quite a sight to see this tiny elven girl paired with a hulking worgen more than twice her size. But her speed and precision proved size is not everything as she danced around him evading all his blows for an easy win. Sending Seraphina through to the semi-finals. Next up the Gamblemaster rolled the dice against Erim and although he put up a fight it seems the odds were once again not in his favour and Erim went through to the semi-finals.


Moving on to the semi-finals with Morty up against Seraphina. Morty really seems to be taking his aggression out on the ladies tonight, pulling no punches as he knocks Sera out of the running with a brutal hit to the jaw and goes on to the finals. The second fight of the semi-finals, Erim versus Khadas. Another brawl with a rather brutal end as Erim is kicked and sent flying into the crates. Erim, coughing up blood and unresponsive was clearly needing medical attention. Causing a brief break in the brawls as someone went running for a healer... I am quite surprised they did not have one on standby giving the ferocity of these fighters. Though it was not long before a medic arrived and Erim was carried off to be healed and Khadas went through to face Morty in the finals.


Last fight of the night and quite the fight it was, these two were clearly equally matched and skilled fighters though there can be only one winner and eventually the ruthless Morty scores a victory with a round house kick to the head that leaves Khadas unconscious on the floor. Medic! I had a brief chat with Morty after the Brawl who seemed to be enjoying his win with two lovely ladies and this is all he had to say, "Be like Morty. Brawlin's naughty" Well I guess its brains or brawn; you can't have it all.