t was a normal Friday evening in Stormwind when esteemed dwarven elder Benrus Stonehammer took an evening stroll. The weather was nice and there were a number of people at the Lion’s Rest when he came upon an injured human man. Benrus, being the gentleman that he is, sought to help the man, but once the man had been helped things took a turn. Miatar:"Do you get the impression that the man was faking his injury?" Benrus:"No ma'am. Ah saw him falling, well more like flying down the stair and he was bleeding. Heck why ah got a healer for him." Miatar:"And then he stood up after and tried to attack you?" Benrus:"Well not attack me, but he seems ta have a weak spot for me beard and the kind of weakness dat scared the living kodo out of me. He wanted ta...He wanted ta lick me beard for good luck." Yes, you read that right: The man wanted to lick the dwarf’s beard for luck. Benrus, a frail man, was unable to run away to safety himself, so he hired a Kaldorei on the spot to carry him. A chase through Stormwind ensued from the Lion’s Rest to the Mage Quarter where they finally managed to shake off the perpetrator. Once they deemed it safe to return to the Lion’s Rest, Benrus started telling the hired Kaldorei a story. Little did they know, the madman was lying in wait. Benrus:"Not longe after the tale come to a end we hea a strange sound coming from the brush behind us. "Dwarf...!"Like a drunken ogre that saw food the mad human had return ready ta lick me beard!" Benrus:"Ah scream he scream, the elf scream. Ah not sure if he [the elf] start ta panic but for some reason he chois to help the mad human out. Ah trusten him ta run with me agin but he just kept me der, and like dat hungry man the human was, he jump me and lick me beard!" Benrus has reported the incident to the guards and learned that this man had been harassing more people in Stormwind that night. Benrus believes that the man is a danger to himself and others. The human male wore a bear or a wolf mask and spoke in a strange way that made him sound like he was raised by an inbred ogre tribe, according to Benrus. We feel it’s important that people be aware of this person and report sightings to the guards. After Benrus got his beard licked, the man told him he’d be back to do it again the following night, but when I caught Benrus for the interview, he hadn’t seen the man again. Finally, I asked about beard-licking. Miatar:"Do people often try to lick your beard?" Benrus:"People try many weird thing, et often link to me bale spot on the head, but dis was a first." Miatar:"Is it common belief that licking a dwarf's beard brings good luck?" Benrus:"Not that ah heard of. This man seems unwell and was not all there in the head. He made me feel unsafe." We hope that Benrus will be able to recover from this ordeal and that the man will be caught. Furthermore, we’d like to discourage any luck-seekers from harassing dwarves for beard-licking, as we firmly believe it is a myth.