s one of our reporters was walking through Old Town, his intent being to visit the guards at the Command Center, he saw a peculiar scene play out in front of him. A masked female gnome, brandishing a wrench and a frying pan appeared to be in the middle of robbing a leather clad man. With mask and all, the gnome appeared to be a robber and in the process of stealing from the man, who in turn seemed terrified of the gnome, whimpering about how his shin and knee hurt.

"Stop with the pan!"

The Leather clad man offered the gnome woman booze and salted beef, pleading for the woman to "Stop with the pan!" as he handed her a large portion of what appeared to indeed be salted beef, putting it into the pan along with his hip flask, after which he exclaimed: Leather clad man: That's all I have! Stop now. Put the pan away please! At his words the gnome peered into the pan, as it checking the mans offerings, and then it all got a little bid strange. First the gnome uttered what can best be described as a threat: Gnome robber: Yeah! And next time...Next time I wont be so nice, Mister! At this point our reported was pretty convinced something truly illegal and criminal was going on, but next second the whole situation took a weird turn, and the supposed robber threw this curveball of a question: Gnome robber: How did i do? Looking about as confused as our reporter did at this point, the man asked what she meant, to which she replied: Gnome robber: Did I rob you good? At this point our reporter had taken a few pictures, but also decided that it had to be two friends playing out a scene or some sort of act, or maybe even a scam to assault people who passed by and tried to help the poor man. Either way, in hindsight a perhaps slightly naive decision, but our reporter walked on towards his original goal, the command center.


But, alas, our reporter did not make it far before the masked gnome suddenly jumped out on the street in front of him, wielding the before mentioned tools of the trade - a wrench and a frying pan, like any decent robber would, and screamed into the.. well knee of our reporter: Gnome robber: GIMMIE YOUR...uh...THINGS! Our reporter bravely tried to negotiate with her demands, not entirely against meeting some of them, but all his things was a bit much he felt. They talked a bit and it turned out the gnome mainly wanted his camera, perhaps clever enough to realize her previous criminal acts would be forever captured with the device around his neck, our reporter in turn tried to wriggle out of it by explaining that he needed the camera for work. As they talked people started gathering, he uttered a meek: Reporter: Please don't rob me. As the gathered people started realizing what was going on the gnome threw her wrench towards one of the people who had stopped and made her escape. Fleeing into the night. It did her little good, not 20 minutes later, while our reporter was explaining what happened to the guards of Echo Company, another squad from same company brought in the gnome. Captured and caught before the report was even finished.