esterday, when I was walking the streets of Stormwind, I overheard some ladies speaking to each other, and I decided to jump in. Turns out that they were new in Stormwind City, just arrived a few days ago, in fact. So I figured, why not interview them about their experiences here: How does a newcomer see this colorful city we live in, which things that we perceive as everyday occurrences make them raise their eyebrows in surprise? Here’s some excerpts from that interview! Cassie: So, first of all, I'm Cassie, with the Lion's Roar newspaper. Can I get your names? Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Youngest first. Elisa Dreamtrail: Redheads first. Cassie: That is what I usually say, yea. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Fine… Jackelynn Dreamtrail. Irlaya Dreamtrail: Irlaya Dreamtrail. Elisa Dreamtrail: Jackie here isn't -really- a redhead. She's a fake Cassie: Well, that just means she's got good taste. And your name? Elisa Dreamtrail: Elisa. Cassie: Also Dreamtrail, I presume. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: She's too cool to give our family name… Irlaya Dreamtrail: Apparently. Cassie: When did you three arrive here in Stormwind? Jackelynn Dreamtrail, to the others: When did you two get here? Elisa Dreamtrail: Uh. Recently. Irlaya Dreamtrail: Four days ago. Cassie: Four days, that -is- recent. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: So that would be three for me. Elisa Dreamtrail: What Irlaya said. Cassie: Alrighty! Where did you come from? Irlaya Dreamtrail: Dalaran. Lived there since the scourge attack on Quel'thalas. So we established that these three Quel’dorei sisters hadn’t even been in Stormwind for a week yet. And they also seemed to be rather colorful people, bantering among themselves as we talked. So first I asked them what they experienced on their first day here: Cassie: I see. Now, when you first arrived here in Stormwind, how did your first day go? Irlaya Dreamtrail: Ehhm, I'd say my first day in this city was a mixture of confusion and I suppose worry in a sense.. Streets filled with the Darkfallen and interactions with strange beings that I have learned now later on that mostly approach people just because they want some more close company. I was walking down along uhh.. The canals by the Cathedral district and over to Old town when I was firstly approached by one with such intentions. I suppose that is normal around here? Cassie: It shouldn't be, but, uuuh... It can be. You learn to just kind of ignore those people. Elisa Dreamtrail: Good to know. Damn sex pests. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Erhm.. first day? It's a bit strange from what I'm used to.. The constant yelling.. dark rangers in the middle of the streets like it's always been a thing. Can't really say I had all that strange of an interaction on the first day at least… Cassie: In the city's defense, the whole Darkfallen thing is a very recent trend. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Hmm.. doesn't mean all of them should be here.. let alone taking up entire pathways. Elisa Dreamtrail: Why aren't the guards and the military y'know... Killing them? Cassie: Most of them have, uuh... papers. Somehow. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: I don't really care for or against them.. just as long as they aren't such a bother. Cassie, to Elisa: How about your first day? Anything different from what the other two experienced? Elisa Dreamtrail: Nope. I had some great chicken from the food cart over there. No weird people... There was a few dark rangers. The city would be better if they were all put on a big fire... But the same. Nice chicken, nice people... Needs less dead things. So, this is the first impression of Stormwind City: Perverts, Dark Rangers, damn good chicken. And you know, those are some good points. I’ve had a lot of people proposition me all over the city, and I know a lot of my friends have had similar experiences. As for Dark Rangers, I’ve noticed that, too. I’ve been glued to my desk for a few weeks, and when I come back, suddenly they’re everywhere. Some people seem to accept them, others call for violence. But hey, sounds like it’s just the same thing all over again that we had with the Ebon Blade, Illidari, and Ren’dorei. Chances are this will just blow over at some point. Whether that’s good or not, that’s for everyone to decide for themselves. And finally, I agree, we’ve got some great chicken here in Stormwind, especially in the Recluse. But I’m biased here, I used to run the place. But, I wanted to know more! What else happened in their so far short time here, and what’s their impressions on our city? Cassie: Now, not just the first day, but during the entire few days here: What else have you noticed? What caught your attention about this city? Irlaya Dreamtrail: A worgen picking up the local mailbox for… What was her reason again? Elisa Dreamtrail: A what doing a what with a where in -what-? Jackelynn Dreamtrail: She said she just found it.. but i doubt it.. kind of seemed like she was trying to frame someone else. Cassie: A... worgen just... picking up a mailbox? Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Yeah.. you know.. like a mailbox that has been uprooted. Concrete an' all. Cassie: ... Huh. I'm unsure what to do with that information. I mean, other than putting it in an article and making some jokes about letters not arriving. Irlaya Dreamtrail: Not too long after she returned with another elf that yelled at her for well… Being stupid I suppose… Cassie: So, in your first days here, you've had a memorable incident of a worgen stealing a mailbox, and you've run into a lot of Darkfallen, as well as some less than pleasant individuals who propositioned you. You also took note of the excessive yelling, and the great chicken. Irlaya Dreamtrail: I do believe that is more or less it. Cassie: Any other first impressions about the city or her people? Elisa Dreamtrail: Nope. Nice people, nice chicken, needs less undeath. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: It's.. confusing.. full of energy.. and not a place to relax in. Irlaya Dreamtrail: I suppose to add something more positive, Valar shoved good hospitality in her store for enchantments. What was the name of her store? Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Erhm… Dawnblade… something… Emporium… erhm… no. Irlaya Dreamtrail: The owner is Valar Dawnblade. Cassie: Any other places you've checked out yet? Taverns, shops, sights? Irlaya Dreamtrail: I have been visiting Lions rest, the view over the sea is nice. I think that is mostly what I have been doing around here for now. Jackelynn Dreamtrail: Behind the cathedral… area… is a nice place to meditate in the morning. I don't know the name for such a place… Cassie: What about the people here? Anything that stood out? Are they different in any ways from the ones in Dalaran? Irlaya Dreamtrail: I suppose people here are a bit less magical, appears to be a lot more just heavy armored people? Cassie: Yea, one wonders why they just walk around in that armor every day. Even in summer. Must be torture. So hey! For those of us that aren’t horny or undead, apparently we’re nice, energetic people. That’s something, right? For me, it was fun to find out what newcomers to the city would take note of. Honestly, what the Dreamtrails told me was about what I expected. All of those things kind of sound like Stormwind to me. But now I’m interested: What’s your experience? What just screams Stormwind City to you? Send a letter to the Lion’s Roar, and maybe we’ll print your answers soon! Or maybe not.