ednesday night, the same night as First Company was attacked by an elf with a crossbow, Echo company saw action as well from a lone shooter, a constable is still out of action from the injuries sustained. We already covered how First Company was shot at, at Wednesday night, and in that very article we mentioned that Echo company also had a shooter to deal with. A constable on his way to work, walking through Old Town, was shot and gravely injured. Luckily First Company was already on their way to Command Center and was able to quickly aid the injured constable while Echo Company themselves rushed to the scene. First company rushed the wounded constable to the nearest medical checkpoint while Echo Company managed to arrest the shooter and bring him to the command center where he is currently awaiting judgement. The shooter can look forward to a charge of attempted capital murder as well as assaulting an officer. When asked what sort of punishment the shooter can look forward to, Sergeant Ryleigh of Echo Company had this to say: Sergeant Ryleigh: A fine is off the table. Trying to murder someone is a serious crime, and while it may come as a surprise to some of you, then trying to murder a guard is even worse.

Guard gone rogue!

In other news, Alan Garroth Blubber (see sketch above), former constable in Echo Company, is wanted for damaging crown property as well as desertion. Rumour has it Zhakariah, daily manager of the Golden Keg, is looking for Alan as well due to the former guard damaging some wood paneling in the Golden Keg during a night of heavy drinking. Alan Garroth Blubber is a large man, roughly the size of a Kul Tiran we are told, with dark skin and black hair. He is potentially dangerous and was last seen jumping through a portal to Pandaria. If you spot him then do not try to apprehend him unless you know what you are doing, if you do not - then contact the guards and inform them of his whereabouts.

The Crimson Racoons

The Red Bears - or as we call them here at the Lion's Roar - the crimson racoons - are still operating in and around Stormwind. Their leader is still chased by most bounty hunters in Azeroth due to the high bounty, and there is a nice five gold bounty for each of the members. But the second in command of the Red Bears - a woman - is also associated with a hefty bounty. Check with your local Echo company officer for specifics.

Rumours of disciplinary punishments

Finally, then we have been told that several officers within Echo Company recently received disciplinary punishments for various failures in the line of duty. While we do not know the specifics, then we have heard that some officers have been demoted, others put on probation. It appears Echo Company is trying to clean up their ranks in an earnest attempt to be the professional guard force we - the citizens - expect them to be. While we don't usually print rumours then we thought it worth mentioning that it seems the higher-ups at Echo Company are trying to be better than the usual guards we have suffered with for years in Stormwind, and good on them for it.