ccording to sources then the mages of The Kirin Tor have taken unpredecented steps to further their research and studies. Their neverending thirst for knowledge and experimentation has made them realize one part of Azaroth is a goldmine of research data related to transmutation magic and certain types of alchemy. Goldshire. To prevent outside interference with their research experiments and studies they have decide to rip Goldshire out of the ground and bring the village to the sky. Goldshire is a place well known for its remarkable and unique culture, its amazing collection of various creatures and a potent place for the more science inspired mages of the Kirin Tor to conduct social studies and research for centuries to come. Stormwind Regent, Turalyon, is rumoured to have said "Good f.... riddance" when he was alerted of the missing village, although he did go on to address the problem of the large crater left behind, making the slow thematic and scenic horse ride from the city to rest of the Kingdom slightly annoying. According to a manservant then he did however, later in the evening, muse upon the prospect of filling the crater with water and installing several water-slides. The lack of prior consent when it comes to anything Goldshire related did not seem to surprise him however. When we asked the Kirin Tor where they planned to take their newly acquired floating city they mentioned that the large deposits of Powerful Azurite on the Kul Tiran isles has made them keen on the idea of hovering over Boralus, but it seems the Admiralty shot down that idea when they announced that: "We already have enough shade in Boralus, we don't want more from a floating city, and since it is little more than a flying ship then we will treat it as such if they approach and simply shoot their crew out of the sky. Our guns will make their seamen spill out of the city!" Where the Kirin Tor end up with their new city is still undecided, but a vote amongst the citizens of what used to be Goldshire, has already decided on a new flag and symbol to represent them, while we have been unable to verify the information, then unofficial claims have it that it is very phallus shaped. We can however reveal that the city will be named "Dalaran, SL version". An odd name but no one seemed interested in divulging the meaning behind this name. This all just seems to reinforce the old Goblin saying "One persons’ thrash bag is another person’s blow-up girlfriend."