s the day nears its end and the sun has set on Stormwind, the Stockades remains on lockdown. Throughout the day the place has been locked up tighter than Jastor Gallywix's coffers, but we have still not had any official statements by the guards or the Warden. According to unofficial sources then there is still "terrorists" loose in the city as a result of the riots, although many of the escapees has been rounded up, caught, or killed. Guards have been searching for the city all throughout the day and the number of guards at the Stockades has more than doubled from the normal amount. Rumours say that there is still quite a few escaped prisoners in the city. Not only guards, but also semi-official military and religious units has been seen patrolling the city, and it tells a tale of the situation not quite being under control yet. We have heard a lot of rumours about things happening during the day and evening, and while we will list a few of them below then do keep in mind none of them have been verified as of yet, they might not be true.
A rogue deathknight injured several guards and innocent bystanders as he went on a crazed killing spree.
A chemical attack at the Stockades, resulting in several injuries as the already guard packed location saw a rapidly expanding cloud of gas spread from the building. How or who started it is still unknown to us.
A powerful tentacled minion of an elder god is having a party inside, currently having consumed 69 people.
A female inmate lost her arm during the riots, she hopes she will be able to pay for a mechanical replacement once her sentence is over.
The fighting inside the stockades is still ongoing, the situation has not been brought under control yet, but the exit is locked tight and no more will be able to escape, neither will the guards currently fighting inside be able to get reinforcement or retreat.
As a final note then Id like to comment on the fact that despite the severity of the situation then local Stormwind citizens still find it necessary to run up to guards, who are trying to keep citizens away, so they don't get hurt, just to insist they have a right to know what is going on. Most even escalating the situation and getting upset when they are forcefully dealt with, claiming guard brutality when they themselves started the whole situation. Statements like "Fuck the King" and "I don't follow guard orders" really says more about you than the guards. Fellow citizens, please, stop being daft. To round off the article then apparently The Enterprise Supply Cooperation shop has decided this is a great time to have a sale on wooden planks to board up your windows, get iron bars, reinforced furniture (I didn't know that was a thing) and more. I guess no matter how serious or dire a situation is, someone is ready to make coin on it. We hope to get some official answers for you all tomorrow.