s a patrol of guardsmen from the First Company returned to their guard-station near Cathedral Square late Wednesday evening, the sound of crossbow bolts suddenly filled the air and a senior constable was struck, collapsing to the ground instantly. Rushing inside the building and pulling their unconscious collegaue with them to get treated by their medical office, they heard the sound of more crossbow bolts being fired. They later learned said bolts were coated in a paralytic poison, making people collapse when hit. Captain Anestre and Sergeant Silva grabbed their rifles and shields and slowly moved back outside, only to realize that the shooter was on top of the Cathedral and with the elevated position was able to shoot past the shields and strike the Captain with another bolt causing him to collapse as well. Rifle in hand Sergeant Silva returned fire, keeping the shooter busy while the Captain was pulled back inside.

Giving chase

As the captain was being pulled inside and tended to, the shooter took off torwards Lion's Rest, the memorial park build in honour of King Varian Wrynn. Once the Captain was safe and treated, the rest of the officers, with Sergeant Silva in the lead, charged out into the city to hunt down the shooter. Near the Slaughtered Lamb in Mage District, a trail of blood was found and a nearby citizen was able to point the guards in the direction of Trade District, the hunt continued. After what must have felt like hours the assailant was spotted near Olivia's Pond, or as it is more commonly known - "make-out-pond", she rushed to the higher areas and jumped into the water near the Palace grounds, attempting to flee through the grate leading to the Dwarven District. The hole in that grate really need to be fixed. While directing some of the guards around and towards Dwarven District to cut off the elf, Sergeant Silva was also shooting at the elf himself, striking at least one hit with his rifle. Reaching the Dwarven District, the elf and the guards had their final showdown. Shots flew both ways, two more guards got injured but eventually the Elf was shot one time to many and collapsed from the wounds. The fight over. The guards rushed to the command center in Old Town for medical aid. The elf, unfortunately, did not make it, the wounds and the blood-loss proved to severe and she died on on the spot, without telling anyone why.

The aftermath

The officers of First Company who were injured initially, and during the following chase, have all been treated, mended, healed and are all doing well. When we asked Sergeant Silva if he thought the shooter worked alone, his reply was: Sergeant Silva: I do. After that ordeal, one of Echo Company's officers got shot by another sharpshooter. I helped him to his feet and quickly removed him from the shooter's line of sight. We saw the man on a roof near the pig where one of my men managed to get on after using his bird form and struggled with the shooter. I shot at him and he fell. He was then cuffed and taken over to the medics so that his injuries could be mended. He is currently in the Command Center's cells. So apparently, two shooters, both attacking guards, on the same night. That leads to the obvious question, are they are connected? To that Sergeant Silva had the following to say: Sergeant Silva: We do not believe so, no. We found no connections between the two other than they both obviously had a distaste for the King's Guardsmen. So there we have it, apparently no connection, just pure coincidence that two shooters decided to attack the City Guards on the same night. We have yet to get a comment from Echo Company, but we hear the officer who got hit was not as fortunate as the officers of First Company, and he is still being treated and looked after by medics.