ometimes finding a healer is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but no more. Lately you may have seen people offering aid around the city of Stormwind, maybe even seen them in their office in the but downed, and now renovated, City Hall. I am of course talking about "The Needle". An organisation pledged to healing and aiding people with medical trouble. I had a talk with one of them to hear more about the organisation and what they offer. H. Lester: : "Tell me who you are, and your role in the organisation" Andagard Riley: : "I am Andagard Riley, the Director of the Needle. I take care of the business relations and make sure that everything runs smoothly. I'm also training in using the Light and medicine so I can heal others." H. Lester: : "And what exactly is "The Needle" ?" Andagard Riley: : "The Needle is a new order of mostly healers. We strive to help everywhere we can by mostly healing." H. Lester: : "An order you say, what do you put into that word? why is it an order and not an organisation? or a business? or a foundation? why order?" Andagard Riley: : "We tend not to be as strict with our employees as the ones you mentioned. We leave our employees to also tend to their own things. For example, we have some tinkers that work for us. They make very useful equipment, but they still take orders from outside of the Needle. We also just contracted a healer who is going to open a pharmacy in Boralus. We ask that they do put the Needle infront of their outside jobs, but things can be discussed as always." H. Lester: : "So you plan on - at least eventually - to operate more places than just Stormwind?" Andagard Riley: : "We want to help wherever we can. Stormwind is the base of our operations right now. But if there is, let's say, a group of hunters that were to go to Redridge and in need of an healer. They could possibly contact us for help. This is all still under construction within the order, working out the kinks and such." H. Lester: : "How many healers and menders do you have working for you now?" Andagard Riley: : "At the moment we have six. We have four tinkers and two muscle for protection." H. Lester: : "Protection, is that something often needed in your work?" Andagard Riley: : "Luckily not yet. They are also there to help to keep the family and friends at bay. Sometimed they get very emotional and make it harder for the healers to do their job. We just want to create the best possible work enviroment so that we can help to the best of our ability" H. Lester: : "So take me through a typical example of the work you do, how does it start, how are you contacted? what happens when you get to the person in need?" Andagard Riley: : "A typical work that.. I don't believe we have a typical work day to be honest. Nevertheless, most of the time we are here or take a stroll around the city to see if we can help anywhere. We try to get the word out as much as possible that we are here in the clinic where we can help. Idealy the wounded will be brought here or if they can't be moved someone will come get us. When we get to the person in need we straight away start to work and inspect the wounds. We then act accordingly with medicine, healing and stitching. We write up a report and ask them to come by a few days later if needed for a check up." H. Lester: : "You work with the local law-enforcement agencies?" Andagard Riley: : "If they have wounded or bring us wounded, yes. We have some lines of communication since Cecilia and I were guards ourselves." H. Lester: : "I once talked with Cecilia about the use of buzzboxes, having a channel people could contact you on for emergencies, is that something you ended up implementing?" Andagard Riley: : "Yes, we use the frequency '1337'. Anyone with a buzzbox can tune in and call for our aid. We are still trying to get the word out on this." So if you got a buzzbox and need aid, you can set it to frequency 1337 and hopefully someone from The Needle can either assist you the best they can over the buzzbox, or you can tell them where you need aid. H. Lester: : "I assume you are looking to recruit more healers and menders?" Andagard Riley: : "We are indeed. Tinkers and muscle are also welcome. Healers though, we can never get enough of." H. Lester: : "Any special requirements?" Andagard Riley: : "Not really. We just ask for dedicated people. Those who want to learn how to heal also have a place here. We have a student rank for those." H. Lester: : "Alright. Anything else you want to add?" Andagard Riley: : "Just that we open doors to anyone and everyone that is in need. They should not hesitate to ask our help. We are healers, not guards."
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