tomwind is a big city and as with any big city any myth can be created and spreads in a matter of hours. But one of those myths is the myth of the Sewer Beast. How many of us have heard the name: The Stomwind Sewer Beast? I have personally heard about it multiple times. The name of The Sewer Beast can be heard within the streets of Stormwind almost every day. But is it actually real? Does it really exist? Well according to many, it is not the case. We have been asking around and talked to a few people concerning this case. We've asked Max who works as a Bounty Hunter and her answer was that: “No she never heard of it before.” And when we asked Tylis Silverblade she said:”No I don't believe in the Sewer beast what would he eat down there? It is just a myth.” Thiala of Quel'Thalas phrased her answer like this: ”Say what now?” But many others have claimed that The Sewer Beast is real and other even claimed they have seen it swimming around in Stormwind's Canals. But here is the truth, the Beast Does exist! We at the Lion's Roar were able to document its existence! The Lion's Roar was able to interview "Drago" one of the monster hunters and beasts experts around the City of Stormwind and the interview went as follows: Sam Collins: "Mr. Drago have you seen the Sewer beast?" Mr. Drago: "No, I have been following it for awhile." Sam Collins: "But you believe it is exist right?" Mr. Drago: "Oh it does exist yes." Sam Collins: "We have information that it is an over sized Albino Crocolisk is that true?" Mr. Drago: "Albino you said! That's changes everything.. "He said" the albino breed is so rare maybe is he the only one existing even!" Sam Collins: "Where would they like to live?" Mr. Drago: "In dirty, murky and muddy waters which makes the canal the perfect environment for it to grow. " Sam Collins: "But considering his big size what would it eat?" Mr. Drago: "River's fish, Mud Crabs, Anything edible people would throw at the canal and of course any unlucky individual who would be stupid enough to swim in those murky waters." Sam Collins: "What would be your advice to the citizen of Stormwind?" Mr. Drago: "Stay away from the Canals!" We have also asked few of the Stormwind Guards about any cases involving the Sewer Beast but most of them had nothing of importance to add, however one who chose not to reveal their name has mentioned the following: ”There was one case where we found humans remains floating by the canals near Old Town. First we thought it was a murder and the murderer throw the body at the canal but after examining the remains it seemed to be chewed and crushed by some kind of a beast, One with large and strong fangs and teeth that can crush the bones with ease! and it was not hard for many of us to gather the picture that this Sewer Beast who lives in the Stormwind canals could be the one who did this.. But that's all I can say.” Dear Readers, The Lion's Roar was also able to get you exclusive pictures of the Sewer Beast while swimming around in Stormwind Canals and a solid proof of its existence. Beware Citizens of Stormwind. Tell your neighbours. Tell your Friends! The Canals are not safe.