n Elwyn man who allegedly resisted arrest after being caught illegally feeding a sewer beast named Hank in the canals described the 10-foot beast as a "good boy" and a "good friend." Burt Wilson, 34, was issued a fine by the Stormwind City Guard over the incident in May at the canals in Stormwind. He was arrested by guard and taken to the stockades after refusing to accept the fine and resisting an officer without violence. Burt, who says he is a disabled veteran, told Lions Roar that he regularly fed Hank the sewer beast. "He's a good boy. He lets me pet him," Burt told the Roar. "He just sits there and he loves bagels…He was such a good friend." The sewer beast-lover added: "It's illegal. It's totally illegal to do it. Did I know it? No. Did I know I couldn't feed a wolf? Alligators? Yeah, I kinda knew that…I don't know, maybe I'm Archdruid Lathorius." He was reportedly caught after a report by a concerned citizen led to the guards discovering him in the act of feeding the sewer beast.