couple of days ago an anonymous source came to inform us of a strange case going on in Booty Bay, a mystery with many questions and very few answers. The source told me the case is about a missing man, called Meria Clocksworth, a detective who went to Booty Bay to investigate a case. I asked the source about more information, but all I got was a description of Meria: “human, in his late fifties, with short grey hair and a thick moustache, often seen smoking cigars and wearing a plain white shirt and a worn-out brown leather vest.” Surely a description might be useful for guards and others looking for him, but more is needed, so I asked what he was investigating in Booty Bay, but the source refused to share that information. I was told, however, that the last place he was seen at was an unsanctioned betting establishment. I was asked to keep the name and exact location private, for the safety of others involved. With this little information and the severity of the situation I decided to start by looking for Meria’s family and friends, maybe they knew more and were more willing to share information that might lead to him being found. After some asking around, I found Mrs. Clocksworth, whose name has been avoided to protect her. Sadly, she had no idea about the exact reason of the investigation. Mrs. Clocksworth: “Oh no, I’m so sorry dear, I wish I knew so I could be of more help to find my husband but he… he never told me those things, you know? To protect me… It was hard sometimes, knowing he was out there and not knowing why but he always came back, always… with flowers or a pie for dinner. He should be back already, he promised, and he always kept every promise or send a letter for the exact same day not to worry me. We have been together for so long; I refuse to believe he won’t come back.” While I talked with Mrs. Clocksworth their daughter, who looks no older than 4 years old, kept repeating the word ‘daddy’ whenever the name Meria was mentioned, and in the end said: “Daddy travel. Miss daddy”. A noble man, according to his wife, but also according to one of his closest friends who I also interviewed. Meria’s friend: “I have no idea what he was investigating, he only mentioned something like some magical auras or something similar going on in a betting place, he rarely gave details. It was always like that. But I can tell you he was a good man and deserves to be found, he was always helping anyone that needed it, friend, or stranger, giving his free time, what little copper he could spare… I know he even accepted some cases for free, mostly wives that suspected their husbands died while hunting or travelling and had no money to pay or way to be sure. He did what he could, in his way and inside his abilities, to help everyone, to make Azeroth better. I hope he’s alright.” This made me wonder how a man that took simple cases to help mourning wives ended mixed up in a case that made him disappear. I asked some more people around with no luck and decided to try on the last place he was seen. This was a risky move, to go to Booty Bay and investigate something around illegal activities, but sometimes we just have to follow the story, even if it puts us in harms way. Unlike what some might think, then luckily, I can defend myself take care of myself in dangerous situations if needed. Even so I decided to be discrete, hiding who I was and passing as a friend of Meria’s. Sadly, this approach did not give any result eithers, as you can see by the following statements. Anonymous bartender: “Oh, I remember that guy! But only because he didn’t pay his tab, the [EXPLICIT]… He was all smiles and such during the night, but then he didn’t pay, it bothered me, I was expecting a nice tip to buy some new boots.” Anonymous “dancer”: “I see many guys and faces in a night, I can’t remember them all… fel, I would rather forget most of them.” Unfortunately, my questions seemed to get to the ears of what I can only assume was the kingpin of the place, who commented, I quote, “many people come here to disappear, leave their wives, they get in trouble, who cares?” After which I was invited to stop bothering clients and leave the place as, “they value their privacy to do as they please, disappear included.” Given the answers and reactions I had the feeling investigating further would lead to trouble and advice our readers not to get involved for their own safety. And so, I was left without more clues to follow, and a big mystery still unsolved. Of course, the family of Mr. Clocksworth informed the authorities, and the case is being investigated, but I did not find more information from there yet. Let’s hope soon we can publish an update saying Meria Clocksworth was found alive and not too much worse for wear.