ime for an update First of all, Golf Company, AKA The King's Footmen decided they would be better off appointing someone to handle the press directly, instead of the Captain doing so. I am on the fence about this, it could be good, but it depends on their willingness to share information with us, and by extension, the public and the citizens of the Kingdom. Anyway, this update is partly based on answers given by Eenie Teenycoil, Public Relations Handler with the Guard force, Golf Company under Captain Stormblade. That out of the way, lets dig into the juicy bits and go over a few updates on the situation.


According to Teenycoil then Sergeant Larony is not only no longer Sergeant, he is also on suspension, so I tried to get some more information on that. Teenycoil: "He's suspended. Consider him for the moment and indefinately that he's a civillian with a former Sergeant, whilst the investigation from outside parties are on going." H. Lester: "Which parties are those?" Teenycoil: "I am not at liberty to disclouse, unfortunately. All I am able to inform you, is that the investigation is being lead by and being inspected closely by outside un-biased people." H. Lester: "I'm sure the public will be less than inclined to trust that. But if that is your reply. " I would have prefered more details on this, who exactly is handling this investigation? Without this information it is difficult to feel certain it is being handled properly, but alas, there was no answer to get. H. Lester: "So he is technically still a guard? he has not been fired?" Teenycoil: "I will repeat myself. Larony is suspended indefinately. He is a civillian like you and me. He holds no legal sway over the public, the recruits and so forth." This answer lead to a bit of confusion about the meaning of the word suspended. H. Lester: "So he is fired? Suspended, as far as I know, means he is a guard still, but not active on duty That is not the same as fired." Teenycoil: "Larony is suspended. He is not being paid, he is not in legal control of anyone but himself. For as long as the investigation is on-going. What comes out of the investigation, will be the decisive factor if Larony is going to be un-suspended, or fired entirely." H. Lester: "So not fired. Thank you. " Speaking of the former Sergeant, then he was seen on Monday night in full uniform, whether that means his suspension is over, or he is looking at getting fired and potentially charged for being in uniform while suspended is a question we do not have the answer for at the moment, but hopefully it is the latter, the guy seems to not get smarter. H. Lester: "What about the woman who allegedly beat up an elf.. Rollens I think the name was?" Teenycoil: "Cassidy Rollens internally went against the rules as well as acted improper towards civillians and officers. These actions were seen by more people and didn't take a turn for the better in forms of improvement, and in result, she was fired." At least one of them got fired. I wonder what the difference is here. Howcome Larony keeps being able to hang on to the job but Rollens did not? Rank? friends? is there some truth to him being protected? Questions for another talk with Teenycoil I think.


H. Lester: "How about good news? any solved cases?" Teenycoil: "There's a few on-going investigations of our own, towards larger crime orginasations. Those, I am not at liberty to disclouse who are, who is leading those investigations or how far along the investigations are. " I am sure you can imagine how much I rolled my eyes at that answer. Blah blah blah blah. It is almost like guards don't want me to write about the good stuff they do. Teenycoil: "However, I am able to inform you that the well-known culprit known as Mathias Lank or Mister Lank, or.. Lanky. Has been arrested for several crimes over mutiple days and even weeks. Sentenced were dropped in forms of days in the stockades for assaults, conspiracy to assault, robbery, and destruction of property." H. Lester: "What can you tell me about him? some details about what he has done? And how was he caught?" Teenycoil: "On several occasions he has been caught by Guards doing criminal acts. Other times, with the help of the public in forms of reports on his hangout locations. His crimes goes deep in the petty pile, but if we allowed the petty crimes, we wouldn't be much of a Guard Force to defend the public. As listed, he has done many things, most recent that I recall from the top of my head, he stalked a woman from the Cathedral to Mage District, outside the lamb, demanded the woman to give him her coin, as she refused, she took her staff and snapped it in half, and demanded her to disrobe, in which, a man unaffiliated chased after Mister Lank who ran after seeing the man transform into his afflicted worgen state. Mathias was chased to the Cathedral Square and apprehended by guards and public alike. His punishment was several lashlings, as this was not a first, second or third time offense. Lashings as well as a few nights in the stockades." My colleague, Gaedryel Ravenshade, saw this guy chasing a woman with ill intent in his eyes, only to be arrested moments later by the guards, so job well done.

All the other stuff

H. Lester: "Anything on this.. mysterious drug I heard of - Nightveil?" Teenycoil: "I believe that to be an ongoing investigation, and I am not at liberty to disclouse. That would be a perfect question for the Captain." H. Lester: "Right. Okay. I guess I'll have to settle for that for now. Browncloaks, are they back or not? I heard both." Teenycoil: "From what I heard, someone is poisoning and targetting elves. Brown Cloaks making a comback or a copy cat orginasation is unknown at the time. I am at liberty to say that the poisoning of Elves of all kinds are being looked into. Who's behind it, we're unaware of at the moment. We need the public to come forth to us and provide statements that could prove useful to solidifying cases. We can do much, but make up information is not something we do. We need the public to work with us so we can help the public." This was interesting. At least to me. Since we have heard rumours that Nightveil - the drug - is actually produced and distributed by the Browncloaks as part of their racist agenda, yet it seems from Teenycoil's answer that either it is not the case - or they have not made that connection. I guess your guess is a good as mine dear reader. H. Lester: "You say you need the public's help, who should come to you? and with what information?" Teenycoil: "Anyone who has information about the on-going situations concerning the welfare of the public. Elves or friends there of? If you know anything about the poisoning, big or small, come by the headquarters to make a statement. You can be nameless if you wish to. The headquarters are available. And that goes for any other cases, or you wish to report something new entirely to be looked into. We can't do anything with no information." H. Lester: "Thank you for stopping by." Teenycoil: "If you do think of anything, the headquarters are open for you as well, and letters can be sent to me there as well. It was a pleasure meeting you, sir." To me it seems Golf Company is trying to clean up, but there is a long way to go, and here at the Roar we will continue to keep an eye on them.
Remember, you can always come tell your stories to The Lion's Roar. Confidentiality is offered to both guards and civilians alike.