ord Gillick’s and Eden Oakley’s wedding was not an easy one. According to Father Aevyr Azurebloom, there were several factors against it. Father Aevyr Azurebloom: The wedding itself, if I'm being candid, seemed doomed from the start. Not from their own relationship which seemed genuine before my eyes. But the number of political factors involved. She was heavily pregnant to another man. He had been married previously with children from that marriage. And he made it clear that his family did not agree or support the wedding, as no one turned up to the ceremony. But if two people love each other, and do not care about those things, if Father Azurebloom agreed the relationship seemed genuine, then who are we to judge? Sometimes what works is a mystery and hard to understand, but it just happens. The wedding was interrupted once, however, by someone that disagreed. Father Aevyr Azurebloom: A lady interrupts the wedding. His daughter from the previous marriage, her name was not given unfortunately. But I had the guards remove her, because we were beyond the point one was free to speak their mind or object to the wedding. Which adds up to the fact his family did not approve of it. But this wedding was going to end in a tragedy… As Lord Gillick was carrying his now wife outside the cathedral he was shot dead, right in the head. But how did things come to this point? As mentioned, there were guards in the Cathedral, several, and for a very good reason. Days before the ceremony we received a strange letter, one of many. We receive many letters that make little to no sense, riddles, books… As Hardhy said after reading it, they might as well write “orange is changing shape, if one does not cry like a fish when the moon is one eighth, the violence is upon us”. This letter mentioned some people moving, align with Defias, or so I understood I might be wrong, and some threatening letters being sent to two guard units and Lord Gillick. It didn’t mention when, where nothing like that. So, with so little information and knowing people were warned already, it was decided the letter did not have much to add. Even after what happened I still see little sense to that letter. Yet something else happened the same night the letter was received. The lovely couple passed by the Lion's Roar's office looking for some musicians for their upcoming wedding. The logic being we as journalists knew a bunch of musicians they could hire. Two members of the world-famous band Shredding Accordingly was present in the office but unfortunately, they could not play on the day of the wedding. Instead Hardhy suggested looking for Sparrow or Barovar. Some days have passed after this event and rumour is that a person was already arrested and accused of being the perpetrator of such an awful crime. They were taken to the Stockades to be interrogated. At the time of publishing this article we have been unable to confirm these rumours.