t has been a while, but here it is, another part to the shopping scene in Dalaran. More shops keeping opening, and I hope to slowly visit all of them, new and old, to offer a complete view to where to go when you need to buy something in the floating city.

Adi’s and Mari’s flowers

Love is in the Air recently happened all over Azeroth, but flowers are not just for this special season. So what better place to start this article now than a flower shop! Being there is a gift for the eyes seeing all the magnificent flowers, and the smell brings back memories of grasslands covered in vivid colours. I had a talk with Marissa Blackgate, who describes herself as a “florist, druid and a book worm. I'm usually reading a book before I open up the store for the night” . She is one of the owners of this lovely shop. Gaedryel Ravenshade: So, for how long the shop has been open? Marissa Blackgate: It's been open for a few months now, so it's still kinda fresh - still trying to get a feel for what people want in flowers, herbs and the like. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Oh, that's interesting, is there any tendency you have noticed so far? Marissa Blackgate: People -love- roses. They're the ultimate expression of love in flora, and people adore their colour and smell. Gaedryel Ravenshade: I guess that makes sense. And how did you decided to open this shop? Marissa Blackgate: My girlfriend mentioned it in passing, and the idea kinda... Stuck. So, we grew our own little cart together, got the flowers and decided to give it a shot. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Awwww, I have to say that is lovely! I imagine as a druid you had experience with flowers, but what about with making floral arrangements? What's your experience on it? Marissa Blackgate: For the longest time, I've been growing my own roses, 'cus I love to have them as an accessory. So, it wasn't too difficult to branch out to other flowers! Gaedryel Ravenshade: I see, and how do you help people to pick the perfect bouquet? Marissa Blackgate: You gotta ask them what they want the bouquet for. Do they want a bouquet for a partner? To brighten up a room? To smell -amazing- when they wake up every morning? What kinda colours do they want? Are they looking for something bright, or more down to earth? From there, it's pretty easy to find what someone wants. Gaedryel Ravenshade: A very good way to guide people without knowledge in flowers indeed. I’ve seen you also cover birthdays, what are your thoughts on the common association of love and flowers? Do you think people should start gifting flowers to friends too? Marissa Blackgate: Yeah, I'm not gonna deny the association of love and flowers - there's a powerful connection between roses and romance, for example. But flowers don't need to be a purely romantic gesture. They're a symbol of caring, right? Be that to a lover, a friend, a family member, a bouquet to brighten your friend's dreary room, or to add that fresh, floral scent to an otherwise bland place - that's a sign of caring. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Are they enchanted to be preserved better? If not, can you give some tips? Marissa Blackgate: They're not enchanted, it's all natural - if you wanna keep a bouquet fresh, you gotta keep the water in your display piece fresh, keep it out of direct sunlight, away from sources of heat or cold... Remove any leaves below the water line, and -unwrap them gently-. Seriously, people handle bouquets like swords sometimes. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Are you considering selling seeds too for people interested in starting a garden? Marissa Blackgate: Heck, if you want seeds to grow your own flowers at home, I'll happily provide! Gaedryel Ravenshade: Magnificent, now the final questions, do you open outside of the Trade Night? And do you do deliveries and accept mail orders? Marissa Blackgate: Right now, no, I don't open up outside of trade night - it's something I'm considering, though. And yeah, I can do deliveries! Mail orders are fine with me, too.

Enchanted Rose

This shop might very known to people who attend events, but in reality it is more than a shop, it is a cooperation between different business owners and entertainers and more. I talked with Augari Ismaa, manager in the Enchanted Rose and owner of Ismaa's Magic and Crafts, and with Anchorite Irette, owner of Tailoring Wares, to know more about it. Gaedryel Ravenshade: For how long has the Enchanted Rose been running and how did this idea start of making a cooperation of merchants? Augari Ismaa: Well, the Enchanted Rose was first founded about two years ago this spring, I've been part of it for the majority of that time. The idea started off with the founder of the cooperation, Scott "Gamblemaster" O'Riley, wished to create a group of individuals who wished to present a grand faire for the world. And with faires came merchants, entertainers and more. Today, the Enchanted Rose still try to focus its eyes on markets or faires, and as of late there's been a fair few merchants within our midst. Gaedryel Ravenshade: And after these times, how has this experience been? Augari Ismaa: Oh well, I was a merchant in the beginning, we held a faire in Stormwind City once, jumped between markets several times a year, sometimes several times a month! Anchorite Irette: I've only been here for a few months, I met Ismaa actually through the Academy that had her as a guest teacher. And it just went from there, and she treats all employees most wonderfully. As for being a shopkeeper, it can be a difficult and exhausting process. With long hours and many faces to recognize-- it is very highly energizing and worth it as it gives one's self a great feeling of pleasure and a desire to pursue beyond that. All in time and dedication. Gaedryel Ravenshade: And how about as manager? How is it to find new people to join the Enchanted Rose? Augari Ismaa: But yes, my experience as a manager... To me my employees comes first, I always try to make sure each and everyone of them feels welcomed and taken care off. We've not recruited actively for a little while now, though our doors are always opened for individuals who has a talent or wares they wish to share with the world. Gaedryel Ravenshade: And, even if you are not actively recruiting, is there anything you would love to add to the Enchanted Rose? Augari Ismaa: The last few times we've been approached with the desire to learn more of the Enchanted Rose, and to possibly sign up for a position with us. Adding to the roster of merchants is always something we look for, but also "entertainers" as we like to call it. Entertainers, being those who has something to show, share or deal. Be it games, gambles or shows. We also take those who want to try their hand on the life of a traveling merchant or entertainer under our wing. We try to help as much as we can either by coin or by experience, as for example our newest employee Elyrion. Gaedryel Ravenshade: And, of both of your shops, what would you say that are the top sellers or more requested things? Anchorite Irette: A tough question for me, I think. I have small offers that can be purchased rather easily, but what people commission per request depends on their style, design and fancy. I tailor to all races, no matter the shape or sizes. So, I can’t give a definite answer... But my snuggy jumpers and mug warmers were rather popular throughout the Winter beginning last year. Augari Ismaa: Well, if we look past the little Enchanted Rose that I make and share with a purchase... I would say that the Enchanted Lanterns are by far my best seller. Though I do a whole plethora of commissions... So top seller, Enchanted Lanters. But "top request" would certainly be commissions, be it illusionary lances or decorative jewellery with an added push of arcane. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Ah bit of a different question, what is the most difficult or interesting piece you have worked on? For both of you, of course Anchorite Irette: Hmm... Another good one! Well for me it would be a customer came by on Tuesday actually, a beautiful elven lady asking for a request for a dress. Now it might not seem like a big deal, but to me, I've never worked with elven culture or fashion so it will be interesting to what I can make for her. Otherwise... I think anything is achievable given the proper time and resources to craft. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Oh, interesting. And how do you solve a situation like this? Research for elven styles, ask other tailors? Anchorite Irette: Well, I've not been on Azeroth for long but a few years, so I'm still trying to learn all cultures and races, but yes I tend to research through inspiration like observation, sketching... Asking through folk or tailors who may have more experience in such department. We all have something to learn, no? Augari Ismaa: While it might not be an item, it was certainly a service. I was approached by this man while in my workshop who wished to employ my skills of the Arcane, to ward a rather large area with a detection spell. I spent two weeks in some forest in southern Eastern Kingdoms, carving runes in rocks and cliffs with a team I had employed for the job. That ought to be the largest one by far... About the most interesting piece Ismaa did, it is one I know very well, for I commissioned it almost a year ago now, a truesilver ring, with a twist to it, and as proud as it makes me, I hope our readers will forgive me for keeping the detail to myself, but it is a very personal piece for me. However, from this experience I can personally assure it does not matter how hard your idea is, how out of the box you think, if it is possible, Ismaa can make it. For anyone interested the shop opens every Tuesday, but also under demand if you send them a letter, and of course can usually be found in social events that include a market.