y name is Father Aevyr Azurebloom, I am a priest, based within New Stormwind, at the Cathedral of Light. I first came to this city just over a year ago, shortly before the Winter Veil celebrations. Where I started my final year of studies as a learner, serving in my role as a deacon. After a year I finally rose to the rank of a priest. Though my time in this city has been short, I have bore witness to many experiences and changes; some benevolent, some malicious. That is why I am writing this to you all today. The law enforcement of the city - in particular many of the various guards units and divisions - have shown themselves to be incompetent and corrupt in their positions. Within the past few weeks I have bore witness to, and heard tales from other concerned citizens, of the dangerous, malicious and outright illicit behaviour that some of these guards have been participating in. Their job is to uphold the law and peace of the city. Should any break the law, it is the guards’ duty to apprehend them until they can be processed through the appropriate judicial system. This is not the case however. I have witnessed guards insult, slander and throw slurs at citizens for no reason other than “it was funny”, they “wanted to”, or that some remark was thrown their way and instead of ignoring it like any trained member of a guard should do they responded like drunks in a bar brawl. I have witnessed guards attack individuals suspected of crimes without just cause and the excuse of “doing our jobs” does not cut it. Their job is not to bring citizens to near death, but to prevent them from being a danger to themselves or others. This does not mean they are not allowed to employ appropriate self-defence or take action where violence and/or taking a life prevents greater loss of life or danger to other citizens. Some direct quotes I received in response to questioning whether I should assist in the healing of someone who was being arrested were “it’s what she deserves”, “she can be healed when she gets taken to the stockades” and “three days will suit her”. I will acknowledge that one guard did at least stem her bleeding, though they made no clear signs of acknowledging the fatality of her wounds in the moment. This is nothing more than a corrupt attempt to hold power beyond their station, acting as judge, jury and executioner when they are none of these. It has not only been individuals suspected of criminal activity that have been directly harmed by the guards. As mentioned prior, I have witnessed guards get physically violent and overly aggressive when being questioned by concerned citizens in the moment. One of my bigger concerns comes from the guards' attitude towards the Cathedral and the clergy within it. More than once I, as well as my fellow brothers and sisters of the Light, have been prevented access to the Cathedral or areas of it, by guards due to an apparent crime scene or investigation. Whilst I believe some of these to be true, their overly aggressive attitude and dismissal of the clergy in a place of peace, learning and sanctuary has caused many a distress to its inhabitants and visitors who come to the Cathedral in search of peace and solace. This disregard for a well-respected pillar of the community concerns and troubles me deeply to know these individuals hold no respect for a place whose purpose is antithesis to the recent behaviour they have displayed. Should they disregard the rules of the Cathedral, its clergy and to an extent the Holy Light itself, I must wonder how far their behaviour and self-interests will go. First the citizens, now the Light. What’s next, the Crown? Both of these - the people of Stormwind and the Light - are two things His Majesty holds dear to his heart and in high regard. Our beloved King Anduin may be gone, but surely how disappointed he will be upon his return to see his city in such a terrible state. I write this as an open letter to the citizens of our fair city and kingdom to show that you are not alone, that this spread of vile behaviour has been noticed by many and your sympathies are shared. To the guards of the city I say: Stand up and do better. There are many of you who are exemplary in the role you carry out in keeping this city safe. It is a vital role and we are thankful for all you do. But please encourage your fellow guards to follow in your steps. Call out their bad behaviour, do not sit idly by and do not participate in it. Stormwind City is the capital of the Alliance. Half the world looks towards us as a beacon of hope and compassion. This behaviour counteracts all we work towards. You can do better. We, the citizens of the city, know you can. Stay safe, Stormwind. Light guide you all. Father Aevyr Azurebloom Priest of the Holy Light Citizen of Stormwind