osy is to put it mildly, we are five people, and one of us - me - not exactly a small person, squeezed into a little cottage near the woods to the north of Stormwind. Doctor Lucian Caniris knew of the place, how and why may be material for another article though. The weekly brawl at The Shady Lady has just finished and I have gathered up four of the regular brawlers, some of them also helping host the event, to get a talk about what its like to brawl and why they do it.


H. Lester: Alright. If you could each say your name and maybe a little bit about yourself and why you brawl. Lets start with Morty Morty: Uh. Me name's Morty and I'm thirty two years young. I'm Supervisor of security at the Shady Lady and often play the role of the co-host at the weekly brawl. Bein' a gillie [Gilnean], I've always liked alcohol and brawlin', it's in most of our blood to be honest. I brawl because I enjoy it, it's damn fun and I love the fuckin' adrenaline rush ya get. The thrill. H. Lester: Veren? Veren: Yes, uh, I'm Veren, twenty-six, and I've been going to the brawls for a few months... I like to brawl because it allows me to let off steam, and it's an all around good time to spend with people I've grown to see as friends. You beat 'em up, yeah ...But you patch 'em up right after. Lucian: I am Doctor Lucian Caniris, the Madman of Karazhan. Forty-three years old. Doctorate in Archaeology, and a certified army surgeon of the Gilnean Army. I brawl because I enjoy danger in my life. There is no better way to feel alive than when someone is trying to kill you, or at least bring you down. That's when the sky becomes that bit more blue, and the air that little bit sharper. H. Lester: Mhm. and last but not least? Gamblemaster: Me? Hmm, alright. I am Gamblemaster O'Riley, I won't discuss much but I enjoy a good game, brawling is such to me. Veren brought me to one brawl and the thrill was amazing, a good hit to send a jolt to your body, makes you feel alive. I was once Tirisgarde and one-to-one combat was quite a common activity in training, this brawl reminds me of such. So it seems the four brawlers all agree that its the excitement which gets them, the adrenaline, letting off steam and risking it all for a good game. Which of course makes one wonder if the brawls - no matter how brutal they may seem - keeps some of the violence in Stormwind limited to people who actually sign up for it - instead of spilling into the streets and on to random innocent people. Perhaps this is the same reasoning the guards have reached, and maybe that is why this is allowed to continue, despite being highly unregulated and with no real safety measures. More on this later.

You aren't real friends if you go easy on 'em.

H. Lester: The whole brawling, Veren I think, you mentioned you see these people as friends, but there is still some - friendly - competition yes? Lucian: Of course. Gamblemaster: Indeed. Veren: Certainly! Morty: 'Course there is, though I'll always cheer 'em on when I can. Veren: You aren't real friends if you go easy on 'em. H. Lester: Does it ever get to be more than friendly? is there people you sorta look forward to.. punching a little harder? Lucian: Of course. Dozens. Morty: Yasker. Gamblemaster: Yes. I enjoy tossing Lucian and Morty into the floor. Lucian: I feel like that's more often the case than not. Veren: Oh definitely. The types that show up with a piss poor attitude. Morty: Me and Lucy, we're close friends and we enjoy bein' real rough with each other. Very. I hit him harder than I do anyone else. H. Lester: Tonight - you almost seriously injured Sierra [another regular brawler] right Gamblemaster? does either of you ever worry it might go really horribly wrong? Gamblemaster: I am honestly still quite worried... Veren: I broke a leg once... Gamblemaster: She did. Veren: Wait, no, a knee. Morty: Lucy's also dislocated me knee. There's a lot of injuries, more than bruises. H. Lester: Broken bones, near crushed windpipe, dislocated knees.... Lucian: Almost killed her would be the better choice of words. H. Lester: Sounds rough, is there any precuations? medics? healers? Lucian: A crushed windpipe spells death.... Sometimes. Lucian: Depends if there is one watching the brawl. Morty: There's often at least one medic around, dude. Usually. Veren: There's always someone at least within the city that knows what they're doing. If not at the alley themselved. H. Lester: But it is not something you make sure is the case before the brawl starts? Lucian: Why would we? It's a brawl, not a fight to the death.. Usually. Morty: Ain't a brawl if ya go soft. Lucian: Looking at you, Gamble. Gamblemaster: I think most of the brawlers would risk a broken bone over not brawling. H. Lester: Not saying going soft, but wouldn't it make sense to be absolutely sure there is a medic around if it goes bad? Lucian: If there is no medic and shit goes down.. We have voices that we can use to yell for help. Or legs and arms that can help us carry the injured to the Cathedral. Veren: There's a level of understanding of the risks involved, and we usually have someone around that could help, even if they're a couple minutes sprint away. Morty: It's often real easy to sort out, dude. H. Lester: Ever wish it was a bigger tournament? Gamblemaster: Yes! Morty: Yep. Lucian: And I have suggested that thousands of times to Danny. [The owner of The Shady Lady] Veren: Sometimes, although I do like how tight knit it is now. Nice to know most people. Lucian: Start the event an hour earlier with twice the amount of fighters. Lucian: Or host it seperately during the week end.. Veren: But hey, more people means more people to befriend, surely... Morty: Me and Lucy have spoke about this several times. Double the amount. At this point the conversation trailed of a tad as one of the brawlers decides to steal a rose from a vase in the cottage we where in. I am still unsure why - and accusations flew through the air for a good while before I got the conversation back on track.


H. Lester: It was Danny who started it all, yes? Veren: Mhm. I think so... Morty: Yep. Several years ago. H. Lester: But these days she mostly lets others handle them? Lucian: Aye. Keeps it fresh. And it lets her focus on the more.. Personal side of the business. Keeping up a pleasant atmosphere for the crowd. Morty: And her fam.

The sweet and the sour

H. Lester: If you each had to say one great and one bad thing about the brawl, then what would it be? Gamblemaster: Great thing is the brawl is open to all, super friendly and just overall such a good atmosphere. Lucian: On the bad side, its open to all, starts too late, and has too few fighters in it. Morty: A great thing is that it's brawlin' and gives potential free drinks for the ones who yell loud enough. A bad thing is that there ain't enough people. Needs to bigger, I reckon. Veren: Agreeing with the boss on the good thing, the atmosphere is great. A bad thing...? Probably too few people, and sometimes fights drag on a bit. H. Lester: Alright, lastly, is there anything you want to say to the readers? Morty: If ya like brawlin', brawl. If ya a pussy, watch. Veren: Even if you aren't the fighting sort, it's a fun thing for spectators so everyone can come along. Lucian: .. Can it be a political statement. H. Lester: Sure, but I may not print it. Gamblemaster: Actually yes, "Come to the weekly brawl and experience something wondrous." Lucian: Bugger, what's the point then. Lucian: "Remember, it is only a crime if you are caught doing it." Lucian: Or "Crime is essential to the hygiene of the soul." Lucian: "Everyone should occasionally break the law in some small and delightful way. It's good for the hygiene of the brain." Not saying the various city guard units should keep an eye on Doctor Lucian Caniris, but I think they should. The Shady Lady brawl happens weekly, at the moment each Tuesday night from 9 and onwards. There is limited spots - so show up in good time if you want to get on the list. Results for previous weeks and the rankings can be found in this paper.