unday two farms was set on fire in Elwynn Forest. Both, being made of wood mostly was quickly ablaze and it was only by sheer luck the families living there survived and still have a home today. The two farms in question, the homes and livelihood of the Frye and the Pace families was damaged in the fires, but due to the actions of a group of strangers both farms ended up being saved from burning down to the ground. Mr. Frye: Once my daughter cried out for rest of us about the fire, we rushed outside the farmhouse, the barn was already on fire and the farmhouse smouldering. We had just gotten the first few buckets of water thrown at it to stop it from catching fire then the strangers showed up. We quickly got a bucker chain organised and with the help of the strangers the fire was put out but not without damage to our buildings. The Pace family tells a similar story and while we have been unable to verify the timing of the two fires then both incidents happened on Sunday and in both cases a group of strangers showed up almost out of the blue and helped put out the fire. Both families report that while there was major damage to buildings, then no animals or people got injured. The Pace family is missing their black cat, however. Hopefully it will return when things have calmed down. Mrs. Pace: I mean, I am thankful the strangers showed up and helped, but this was quite a shock. And both us and our neighbouring farm on the same day! Clearly someone is trying to ruin us poor farmers by destroying our homes and lives. We will recover of course, but I do hope this is not going to spread to other places. We asked the farmers about the strangers who showed up to help, but neither family got any names from them, and their description was very vague, which is understandable in the situation. In both cases the strangers vanished as quickly and suddenly as they had appeared.