lose your eyes and imagine a few dozen people standing in a circle in the throne room in the Stormwind Keep. Imagine them taking a few steps forward, or back over the course of three hours. Imagine most of them not saying a word. Now imagine it isn't a kid's game and the participants are not children, but adults, people of power, influence and status, people advising the King on important matters, but apparently not more important than one of the members showed up almost 10 minutes late. Let me start out by being clear. The Royal Court and their weekly meetings are not a laughing matter. They ARE important, but they are also their own worst enemy. Barely a soul attends these meetings unless part of the court, and even fever stay for long. And I wager most of the city does not even realize these meetings exist and can be attended by the public. You can even make suggestions to the court, you cannot participate in the voting however. That is reserved for the members of the court. In an attempt to make the citizens aware of these meetings, then we here at the Lion's Roar - or more precisely, my boss, has decided that we try to cover these meetings, if the populace - who I am sure is busy working on a Monday evening so they can pay taxes - and totally not hanging out in bars - if the populace does not have the inclination to follow the proceedings - then perhaps we can bring a bit of insight to the people.

And so it begins..

The meeting starts of with the First Knight, Sir Cailen, addresses the room. The rules for the meeting are listed, and there is a ritual where new members of the council are inducted - their legality for becoming members and in the end they sign the official documents and swears an oath. This is formalities and as such not the most interesting part of the meetings, but it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on who the court invites into their circle, and why. It is a lot of power being bestowed upon these men and women.

The Agenda

After the formalities are done with, the Chair, Count Didonus Ludovic Martin Essington - High Consul of The Royal Court and Grand Mage of the Stormwind Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, takes over leading the meeting. If it is always him, or if the role as Chair goes from member to member I am not sure - I hope to get answers to this and other questions later in a proper interview with some court members. The Chair goes through the agenda for the meeting and in this case it is fairly short: 1. Petition for Court Secretary by Magus M. Walsh 2. Foodkitchen petition by Lord Sykes 3. Motion by Lord de Meneres: Re-installment of a Military Wing 4. Duskwood Commission

The big secretary decision

The first point on the agenda was a petition about getting a court appointed secretary. My first reaction was that the lack of such, explains why no one hears of these meetings, and it has me concerned if there is records being kept. Anyway, after about thirty minutes they decided not to decide anything besides a committee making a list of potential candidates for next meeting. It was at this point I realized it would be a very very long night.

Food for the poor

The court decided to aid the effort of a soup kitchen to the poor by funding parts of it. The motion was brought forward by Lord William Sykes. They did however wait with agreeing until it was clarified that a public statement would be made regarding this. I guess charity has to be announced to the public, the act is not enough in itself for these nobles. The idea of helping the poor has been around for awhile, and while this new initiative seems to be far bigger than what we have seen in the past, then this very media - back when The Lion's Roar was a magazine - had a story about the charity effort run by Deedi Dirgefuse and Zhakariah from the Golden Keg. Their work has meant poor people can get a free meal, sometimes a bath and a room - blankets and more at the Golden Keg, all paid for my charitable people of Stormwind. It will be interesting to follow this new project and see if the money now offered by the Royal Court will enable The Amber Foundation to truely make a difference for the poor and homeless people in Stormwind. I hope for the best, but it is worth mentioning that no mention of an actual amount was made at the meeting, so without the information it is hard to make a guess at how big a difference this will make.

Re-installment of a Military Wing

Should the court, or should the court not - have their own military. It seemed like an odd question to me, and perhaps that is one of the weaknesses of these meetings, you - as a spectator - is thrown right into the deep end. The motions are not really explained, and often not detailed either - and if they exist somewhere for the public to read, then I have no idea where - and nor does rest of the public I imagine. From what I gather, then someone (Lord de Meneres) felt the court needed their own military - why the court - who serves the King - needs military is beyond me. The court decided to, and this may become a theme, not decide anything just yet, but instead making an ammendment and then put it to a written vote. There was some talk about simply - as one may think logical - rely on the already existing military forces, as well as working together with the guard forces and intelligence branches. Why this is even a question is beyond me. But we will see what comes of it.

Duskwood Commission

Next on the agenda was the question about whether or not to reach out to the plagued (not plagued in a medical sense, I hope) citizens of Duskwood and more importantly apparently, who should lead said delegation. This debate almost got juicy for a moment when an incident regarding some trolls and a prior delegation was brought up by court-member Countess Wolsey. Her accusation was that a prior delegation allowed another member of the court to negotiate with a hostile tribe of trolls in the middle of an armed conflict, and no one in the delegation stopped her. According to her it is therefore vital that a delegation to Duskwood is lead by more experienced members of the court who has the experience and political clout to make sure the delegation is successfull. The following debate spurred a reaction from Sir Garviel, who found Countess Wolsey's comment to borderline treason, to which the Countess replies that, "I'd like to inform Sir Garviel that in Stormwind, "more or less" does not constitute an accusation.". After this "clarification" Sir Darius Agrovane agreed with Countess Wolsey, and he also stressed the importance of sending a diplomat, rather than a general. The Chair found it useful at this point to hear a local representative about the matter and Lazarus Severim, a representative of The Onyxguard of Duskwood was allowed to speak to the court. The Onyxguard explained how they rarely see support from Stormwind, how the city guards seem uninterested in helping capture fugitives in Duskwood and how their pleas for aid often gets turned down, and that they look favourable on the future if the Royal Court follows through with sending aid and recognizing their plights. After the Onyxguard, Lady-Justicar Darkstar of the Office of Justice addressed the court, agreeing with Countess Wolsey and suggested that Count Essington be appointed the leader of the delegation. Knight-Captain Lortherntus Theodore of the 7th Legion, Unit Decima, stationed in Duskwood, followed up with a plea to the court to send someone with a good knowledge of Duskwood and that the delegate must "be a figure who is able to work along with the armed forces." At the end of the debate it was decided that a nomination will be made by the Executive Office for consideration at next week's meeting.


As mentioned in the beginning then The Lion's Roar will keep trying to cover these meetings. We will be critical where we need to be, but do keep in mind any opinion given above is the opinion of the author of this article, not the official opinion of The Lion's Roar. The Royal Court exists to advise the King on important matters, and while the importance of these matters seem to range from hiring a secretary - to whether or not the court should have a military branch and who should lead a delegation to Duskwood, then there is not doubt that as a whole, the Court does play an important role in our lives, and perhaps we should be better at keeping an eye on them for that very reason.