sat down with Gaedryel to talk about our thoughts on the previous year and our hopes for the next one. We also asked a few other people as well. H. Lester: So Gaedryel, if you think about the year that has passed, what is the first thing which springs to mind? G. Ravenshade: Madness, definitely. But not necessarily the bad type, it just has been a year with lots of new things, emotions, adventures, it's been fun. H. Lester: Besides all the personal stuff, getting a new job, getting married and so on, if you had to pick one thing that happened on the news scene, what would it be? G. Ravenshade: Oh, well... there are many news that haven impacted me, and I guess I'm biased because it was my first big article... and also like my second actual article, but Lysandré's trial I think was very relevant, I mean not every day a SI:7 member gets judged, and a noble family is also involved and accused of using demons and such. H. Lester: You think it made a difference? The trial? is it news we will see impact the new year you think? G. Ravenshade: Sadly, no. That happened many months ago and we saw recently in Court they're now investigating again that noble family. But if you think about it... things don't really seem to make an impact, a real one, on people's life, we had some weeks with constant attacks and such in summer, not much changed either. I'm not sure if people are just used to chaos or very resilient. H. Lester: You mean the couple of months with bombs, bombings, shootings of random people, and general unrest and rising crime? Yeah to me that is what I remember most from this year - I mean sure, other stuff has happened, but when I think about the year as a whole, it is those months during summer I remember. G. Ravenshade: Those were some crazy months, I'm not sure if it was the heat or people being bored... I guess I try to ignore those, because even if the targets didn't get hurt, and sadly others did, for what I recall the perpetrators were never captured. I hope they don't come back to it. And well, I also tried to avoid the city a lot during those months. H. Lester: Yeah I had a poisoned cake sent to me during those days, several inns were bombed, it was some crazy months. But you are right, when it comes to crime in Stormwind then a lot happens, but not really anything which seems to have a long-lasting effect. Its like a lot happens, but a lot of it seems to be the same what always happens, just with a slightly new take.


H. Lester: When it comes to crime, what do you hope changes in the new year? G. Ravenshade: Well, the ideal will be for crime to stop. Of course, crimes will continue happening, so being more realistic I hope it's easier to catch those that commit them, maybe some advance in technology or magic helps to get better results. It's not only about safety, which is the most important piece of course, but it's like during those months, the attacks just caused chaos and writing about them at first helps people to be on alert and avoid them, but then it only scares people at some point, I want to write things that make people feel safe, so they know criminals are punished. H. Lester: I have a slightly different take on it, I want crime to happen, mostly because I'm a journalist, and as you say, crime is not going to vanish. But Id like if the criminals got a little more inventive. Give me some tax fraud, some old-fashioned bank heists, some brawls, heck why not some magic crime. Far to often it is extreme crime, bombs, deaths, demons, serial killers, or nonsense riots, surely there is room for a spree of burglars, a couple of muggings which does not instantly devolve into shootouts in the street and so on. That would be my hope for the new year. If we are to have crime then at least make it interesting! G. Ravenshade: Well, as... problematic it might sound, and without encouraging anyone to do it, because crime is crime and it's bad, I'll admit it's at least more interesting to ask how did they manage to get inside the bank and steal the gold, so long no people gets physically harmed, than to write about more gruesome deaths and other crimes, yes.


H. Lester: What about politics, what stands out from the last year? G. Ravenshade: There were some interesting projects in that regard, even if I'm not sure if it was this year or the previous, the Court made a Foundation for disasters like the scourge attack we had, to help rebuild after it. I have mostly been into Internal Affair meetings which I have to say seem quite open to hearing people's ideas at least, I remember you talking about helping food stalls, for example. Also S.A.M.P.A. was also approved and they seem to have several projects and ideas going on to try to help people and help economy. Another thing that stands out is how close some meetings are for reasons I'm yet to understand. The fact I have been in a Military Affairs meeting yet Magical and -Education- meetings are closed is something I can't understand... H. Lester: Yeah, still no solution on the Street food front unfortunately, last I heard it there was a discussion about more garbage bins. But there is still a horrible lack of street food in the city, ever since Yumblings vanished I have been going hungry most evenings. But it is nice to see how the nobles and the court can at times reach out and help people - Secretary of Internal Affairs, Michael van Rook and his predecessor, Dame Halliday have had a lot of good initiatives for the public. But like you, I do wish the other secretaries were a little more open about their activities - I cannot count the number of Monday court meetings where certain secretaries' reports has consisted of "Stuff happens, I can't talk about it yet". G. Ravenshade: Exactly, we all understand they can't go around talking about ongoing operations that concern the safety of the kingdom and its citizens, but not saying anything makes it look bad, like either they are hiding something, which can be many things from the fact they are finding some problems to worse ideas, but when you hide it people will take the worse path, or if it's not that, either they are scared of being judged or want to keep people away from it. I do hope that changes next year and people see criticism as a way to improve and that having more people helping or giving ideas is actually good to do things. H. Lester: Agreed


H. Lester: Speaking of good ideas, let’s talk about parties and events like that. You have one which really stands out to you? G. Ravenshade: We had a lot of events this year, and picking one is not easy, I enjoyed lots of them and think there are certain things I really like. My first event was Noblegarden and I really enjoyed seeing it, the market impressed me, there were some nice performances and activities, but I guess the one that make a big difference was the 2nd Grand Tournament, mostly because it was my first event that lasted for more than a day and I saw different competitions, lectures and even a theatrical play, it had a bit of everything and it wasn't too long. H. Lester: For me it is often about creativity, as a journalist I have been to a lot of events and they have a tendency to blend together a bit, some of them quickly become the same. Like this year's hallow's end events, it was all a bit of the same. I like events which stands out, not because they are always good, but because people come up with new ideas, try something new. But I am not the majority here, I know a lot of people like those annual events hosted by the same people year in and year out and with roughly the same schedule. I think in the new year I will try to be better at attending events without seeing it as a job. Maybe I will enjoy them more that way. G. Ravenshade: That's how I try to take it more and more, because writing gets frustrating if not, doesn't mean the party was bad, just that there are only so many ways or times one can describe a party before getting tired of it, and getting ideas for angles and questions sometimes isn't easy. But I do enjoy them and even if new ideas are fun, they are also hard. So, I just appreciate when there is some sort of activity, especially visual and fun for the public too and not just those participating. Ah, and about this one very important thing, even a petition for next year. I have to say events that last more than three days are not a good idea. People get tired and focusing attention on it gets harder and harder, chances are less people will attend and it just gets very... hard and heavy and to stop everything else in your life for so long can even feel frustrating so people just don't go or not enjoy it as much. I get they seem cool, like a big project, but sometimes less is more. H. Lester: Yeah, I get the notion of wanting it to be big and amazing, but sometimes less is more. It is something Bertel who does the poetry nights has always practiced, instead of doing them every week or every other week, he sticks to once a month. Let people have something to look forward to get hyped about. Oh, and I’d like if people doing events would put in little mini events or games, ways to make people interact. A lot of events rely on you knowing people already or bringing your own friends and if not then you end up standing and watching other people having fun. Resolutions H. Lester: Do you have a new year’s resolution Gaedryel? G. Ravenshade: Yes, having more articles written than you, in total. Apart from that I have some personal projects, things I'm learning about. But as a whole... having a more calmed year, with more interesting news and projects, helping people make their projects come alive by writing about them, pointing them to people that can help, I like seeing business and ideas grow. H. Lester: Hah good luck on the first part, the second part, that sounds great, and I do like seeing new things happen - helping people. For me I think one of the things I will try to focus more on is the community feelings, like we will have a new section in the new year for classified ads, announcing weddings, people looking for work, chess moves, all the stuff which helps bring people together and help people feel connected. G. Ravenshade: I think that will certainly also help make projects grow, I feel sometimes people have trouble finding others, connecting, so maybe something like that makes it easier. Everyone at the Lion's Roar wishes our readers and other beings of Azaroth and beyond, a happy new year and may the next one be better for all of you! We will finish this article by letting some of our readers and people in general comment on the year which has passed, and their hopes and expectations for the next one. We asked what stood out for them in the year which has passed and what they look forward to.
Doctor Marizia Silverera, field surgeon in the Alliance army: When I think of the year which has passed I think of the infestation of undead in Stormwind. How citizens, military and civilians stood together to protect aid and reclaim. But I also think of the armistice between our beloved Alliance and the Horde, and of course the kidnapping of the King. In the new year I am looking forward to starting my new challenging project of a academic compendium in the science of Alchemy.
Konstantina Zakharova, Constable of His Majesty's Echo Company: I think the one event that I'll remember most fondly is the wedding of Sir Darius and his now-wife - who, if she'll forgive me saying it, is far too good for him - Commander Eckleheart. It was a touching moment in a period of time that was, frankly, stressful. It was a heartfelt evening, with heartfelt speeches and an amazing show of vocal and visual skill by the entertainment there! As for the next year... Well, perhaps one year soon I'll be so greatly blessed as to find an apprentice with enough potential to consider as a disciple, but that feels all a little far off. I think that the progress of the city in peacetime is what I look forwards to the most. With the end of the wars, I look forwards to seeing the continued growth of camaraderie amongst the citizens of the capital as we pursue new homes and pastures for the refugees, and a boom in economic stability as they and the returned soldiers find their place back in a civil, peacetime occupation. There are glorious times ahead of an Alliance victorious and united, and despite the menial issues we still face, we're sure to make the most of them.
Tie-La Silverblossom, chef at the Golden Keg!: Oh, definitely coming to Stormwind. If I didn't, I wouldn't have met my amazing friends, or my love, or even gotten a job at the Keg as the chef and put a Pandaren menu in place! Next year? Hmm... There's a few dishes I'd like to put on, so maybe expanding my menu, and having more people come and try it!
Duchess Brienne Langedijk: That's a really tough question, considering there were so many good events this year. Maybe this is a bit biased over all but I do have to say the Autumn Event at Norwington was pretty good, our first job market with the Queen Tiffin Ellerian Foundation in Drustvar, then of course the Magic Faire in Dalaran, wonderful days with smaller events where I do have to give a shoutout to the Adamant Scholars for their wonderful virtuell play! I never experienced a play like this before and it was really outstanding for me this year. Oh and definitely not to forget, the Stormwind City Faire. It was a good thing to see so many people just being together and having a great time. As for next year... First of all, I'm looking forward to a more personal thing, the birth of my child and then of course seeing what the people have in mind for other special events. What they will come up with in the future to entertain the people and make them have a good time. And if I am allowed to tease a bit, I am also looking forward to the Mystery Masquerade Ball that is taking place soon.
Lord James Griswold, owner of the Greywoods Company: This year was quite transformative for me. I started the year in a low down, feeling the need to make significant changes in my personal and professional life. I took some risks that fortunately worked, leading to found my Company to aggregate my business and investments, enter a completely new project and, most importantly, to find an amazing partner; whom I asked in marriage. I hope next year will continue in this upturn direction, having already a few projects being prepared. Including my wedding! Let me take this opportunity to wish a prosperous New Year to the Lion's Roar team and all your readers.
Baldemar Sweet-Stonebridge, Bard and Partymaster: When I think of the year coming to an end I like to think about all the good things this year has brought to me, all the friends I have made and people I have met. What I look forward to the most with a new year is for new Experiences wondering what will happen in this coming year.
Deedi Dirgefuse, Academy Director: When I think back at the year it feels oddly stratified, on one side there is this gaping hole in the sky over Northrend, the King is still missing. All aspects that are deeply worrysome. On the other hand it was a year of brave cooperation, coming together and people being helpful to each other. Despite the gloomy issues, I like to think back at the good aspects of it and how it helped people bring together.