e all know Old Town can be a rough place to hang out, especially after dark - and lets be honest - it is always a bit dark in Old Town, but as I was strolling through the district last night I stumbled upon a fight in the street. Or rather the end of it. A guy was beating the living shit out of another guy. Who started it, and why will remain a mystery to me, and honestly, it being Old Town, it barely matters. What does matter is how it ended, however. Once the man on the ground stopped moving, the other guy decided to drag him to the nearby alley and into the canal there. Apparently, the fact he was unconscious, and it was literally murder did not seem to bother the guy the least. Most bystanders just watched, one even suggested it was "self-defence" - as if murdering someone in cold blood by drowning them could ever be justified as self-defence, but a few of us followed trying to intervene, but the man was already into the water and the assailant walked off like some villain who is just too cool to care - all the while having tried to murder a man. This is the part about Old Town being brutal and cruel and very unfair and unforgiving. But as I was considering my odds of surviving in the cold water, considering I don't know how to swim, I found myself surprised with a man quickly removing his shirt and diving into the water to try to fetch the drowning guy. On the edge of the canal a woman was trying to focus her connection with The Light to assist with saving the mans life. Once the drowning guy was brought to the surface another bystander levitated him up and out of the water, resting him on the cobblestones where the Light wielding woman started her attempts at reviving the man. I say attempts because unfortunately the man was to far gone, and no amount of prayer or magic could revive him. As the people who tried to help him and potential witnesses slowly peeled away and left the scene it was left to me to contact the guards, no one else seemed overly interested in having a conversation with the authorities. The guards picked him up in the early hours of the morning, but I don't give them much of a chance of finding the murderer.