ome weeks nothing happens on the political scene, well, that is not true. Some weeks nothing interesting happens. Other weeks its so dramatic its hard to keep track of - this week was a good middle ground I think as this Monday saw a few surprises at the weekly meeting at court. With the High Lord Chancellor, and both vice-chancellors otherwise occupied it was Secretary of Internal Affairs, Earl Michael van Rook who led the meeting. Despite said secretary being known for his long-winded speeches then the meeting was conducted in a surprisingly fast pace. No awkward pauses where the chair stared into nothingness, and "ORDER!, ORDER!" was not shouted a single time. Perhaps it is a indication of what is come if there ever is a change of the guard within the executive branch in the Royal Court. But it was not the only surprise we saw. An emissary from The Horse Lords of Arathor also petitioned the court for aid, resources and help in their eternal quest to retake the former glory of the North, Lordaeron. Vincent Verenz: Honourable guests. As it would come to the surprise of no one in attendance, the Horse Lords once more ask Stormwind for cooperation. I will spare you our usual tirade of fighting battles so that the continent of Lordaeron might be one day reclaimed for the Alliance, so let me put it simply - we are in need. In need of soldiers. In need of provisions. In need of manpower and most of all -allies-. The Court has honoured us with a place to speak and make our point, as such, we take this gesture as an invitation to forge new bonds. Remember that we of Stromgarde are also members of the Alliance. We are humans as many present in this room. We -are- your allies, brash ones at that, but we seek the same cause that you do, just under a slightly different colour that at the end of the day does not change what we are. I would ask the court to consider our plead for cooperation, for we all are to benefit from this. If we are to see Lordaeron restored to its past glory one day, then perhaps you would find it appealing to use us, our city, as a staging ground and one for experimentation of any kind, be it economical, militaristic or diplomatic. That is all, esteemed Chair. I have made my case. There were a few comments from the court in regard to this, first up was Secretary of War and Military Affairs, Sir Cailen Cadogan. Secretary Cadogan: I am intrigued by the request from the delegation from the Horse Lords. Of course, Stormwind is always willing to support Stromgarde. We have after all, invested a great deal in restoring the kingdom. However. The Arathi Horse Lords are notorious in this City, and generally deeply unpopular with the citizenry. I must consider this, and will advise Stormwind High Command accordingly. Perhaps with some negotiation, we can reach an accord. This was received with some murmurs, and I think I heard more than one "Hear hear" from the crowd. Sir Cailen Cadogan continued... Secretary Cadogan: I will say this... a change of ways will go a very very long way to restoring public faith in their organisation... I mean a cessation of violence, brawling, and kidnapping wayward family members off the streets. If they are serious, the Court is here to listen. Thank you, Lord Chair. And then from Secretary of Foreign affairs, Magus Kelly Jendrock. Secretary Jendrock: Thank you, Lord Chairman. And thank you, First Ranger, for your kind and somewhat uncharacteristically vulnerable words. I would also like to echo Sir Cailen’s sentiment. There are many topics that we could, would need to, and will, discuss. I am particularly worried about the escalation between yourself and another paramilitary order of the Alliance Military. Hopefully we can put a stop to this pathetic feud in the near future. As the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, my Office is always open as a means of communication, for whomever. Shockingly, even the Horde should they wish, as it is my job to speak with any order or body outside the scope of the Kingdom of Stormwind. I know, perhaps better than most of my colleagues, that the North is a particularly difficult landscape to maneuverer, be it military, politically, or what have you. In the past, I have led two delegations to the North, and by the sounds of the First Ranger, I have a third one to look forward to. Regardless of the past, as a diplomat, hearing sentiments like these uttered is always a good sign. Now we need words to be put to action. After the comments from the two secretaries the emissary went on to comment on both of their statements. Vincent Verenz: On the regiment's behalf, I would like to express our appreciation to both Sir Cailen and Secretary Jendrock for what they said. Your concerns are known to us and I will not try to concur. I am sure it is time to turn a new page, write a new chapter in North-South relations. Any diplomatic ventures to Stromgarde will be met with open arms and any criticism, be it perhaps hard to swallow, is welcome in the long run. I cannot predict future actions, but let it be known that we -will- try our best to improve our behavior in hopes to restore our allies' trust. That is all. The final comment before the chair made his conclusion was one of Devin Lightstick, a gnome known for his involvement with the Cathedral of Light. Devin Lightstick: Honoured council, honoured members of this city. I understand the seeds of mistrust regarding the words of the First Ranger. Actions speak louder than words. Yet again, I will commend the council on entering into diplomatic talks. If there is indeed an accord to be struck, then together I pray, we may find the answer. If indeed we may better our foothold in the north, that will strengthen and vitalize not only this city, but everything between, to the betterment of the alliance. That would be all. Honoured Chairman, I cede my time. The chair closed the debate by delegating the matter to the office of Foreign Affairs with the office of military affairs serving in an advisory role as needed. Here at the Lion's Roar we hope the court makes the Northerners prove they can behave themselves within our city, that they can respect our laws and our citizens before any of our soldiers risk their lives for their cause, or our tax money is spent helping them. Their past behaviour does not exactly encourage anyone to support their cause. If they have changed, then make sure they show that.