n Saturday the 13th, from 19:30 in the evening and onwards House Dayton will be behind the grand re-opening of the Lakeshire Inn in Redridge. But the ambitions of House Dayton reaches further than just a re-opening of the local inn, they seek to bring a revival to the quiant little village and bring it back on the map as a hub of activities and entertainment. I went to Redridge to have a brief talk with Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge about House Dayton and the plans for Saturday. H.Lester: So tell me. I understand you have some kind of event planned this weekend? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Indeed, Its the first of many steps in bringing life to this quaint town. We're Kicking it off with an opening, to celebrate and bring attraction to House Dayton Taking over. H.Lester: And what is House Dayton? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: House Dayton is a Noble House Seeking three main things, Power, Wealth and Adventure. All while acting as a vessel as apart of the Alliance here in Lakeshire. H.Lester: That is a bit generic, can you be a little more precise? and why should rest of us care what house Dayton wants? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Because House Dayton isn't Self Serving. Our Goal is that of benifit to not just us, our members, or lakeshire. But also to the Alliance as a whole. We are going out of our way, putting ourselves into dangours situations, to better help our Kingdom. As mentioned before, we are working as vessel's as the Alliance, with the Aid of the Royal Court, We are able to rejuvenate Redridge, Fight off the countless problems among it, and come out on top, with a place that will be number one on anyones trip list. H.Lester: And also running an inn? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Indeed, An Inn is the Heart of any Town. This is where the life breathes out of, its where life events happen, and friendships are made. H.Lester: Tell me a little about the opening this weekend, what can people expect? and when is it? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: The Saturday, November the Thirteenth, At Seven thirty, Evening time. There will be a Raffle, In witch people can win a range of Prizes for just the small fee of Ten Copper a go. Guess the name of the Mascot.. We Have Our own Mascot, A Small Cat in a Hat, Whos name is unknown to the public. We have a list of names, and people can put a bet on witch name it might be. At the end of the night, we will anounce the game and spilt the money made on it between the winners. We are also giving away a A Free Bottle of Wine made here in Redridge. But that's not all.. We also have With a Guest Appearance of Shreding acordingly. H.Lester: Good food and drinks? music? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Yes, Our Menu is fully stocked with food of all kinds for people to order, along with a wide verity of drinks. Shreding Acordingly will provide the music. H.Lester: You fully staffed? or looking to hire? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: We are Looking to Hire. For Inn Staff, Fighters and various Specialists. H.Lester: How often do you plan on having open here? Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Most days, Im hoping. Any time the Bulk of us are away, there will be a Note up on the door, But i don't Expect it to happen often. H.Lester: Alright. Anything else you want to add? House Dayton also pointed out that they are more specifically looking for someone to work the stables, craftsmen (and woman). As Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge puts it: Lady Everlin Sweet-Stonebridge: Yes.. Any help with the Town Is Valuble to us, After all, We can not do it alone. Anyone who can work in Stables, or Crafts, or anything of the sort would be very helpful. Another member of House Dayton, who I am afraid I only caught the name of, added to this: Elifeyra: I would like to see the stables here work and have people come over to have their animals looked at here. I think the rest was well said. It is not only a business but actual work around the whole town and its area is what should not be missunderstood. If it sounds interesting to you then reach out, contact House Dayton, get a job in a nice little quiant lake town. And even if not - then consider stopping by on Saturday for a nice evening away from the usual.