pparently, The Royal Court has forgotten how to act like decent human beings. In a political term which the Royal Court themselves has themed around humanity. "ORDAH ORDAH" we have heard the words from the Lord High Chancellor's mouth many times in the past, often with good reason. Today - I am turning those words on him. "ORDAH" I say back at the Lord High Chancellor after his and Earl Michael van Rook's behaviour at court on Monday evening. It all started with Earl Michael van Rook, secretary of Internal affairs asking the court for "(...) an investigation. I ask for the normal course of justice. Nothing more." into The Shady Lady and the manager. Earl van Rook listed up several ill veiled accusations against the establishment The Shady Lady, and its manager, Danny. Accusations which happen to coincide with recent fights between the staff of the establishment, The Slock family, and a dwarven clan named “The Grudgebearers”. I'll be looking into this later, this article is not about who is right or who is wrong, but about process and behaviour. Behaviour by people who daily pretend to be the elite of our society, the elite of humankind. So let us look closer at this behaviour. Let us start with our dear Lord High Chancellor, a man so close to the top of the power pyramid that he might as well be handing the regent the paper after he does his number 2. Lord High Chancellor: "This Council is not remotely interested in your private affairs, let alone in the status of whether you are a barren prostitute or not." Just in case anyone thought The Royal Court was a neutral body where your case would be heard, a place you would get a fair chance to be heard when accused of crime. A thing I still don't know why is even brought up in court when we have a - as far as I know - well functioning guard force with laws and personnel more than capable of dealing with organised crime - if such is actually going on. So, what spurred the Lord High Chancellor to slander a tax-paying citizen who hosts charity events frequently and against whom no criminal charges have been filed. Keep that in mind, the guards have taken no actions against The Shady Lady or the manager. A hypothetical answer could be this: Could it be that The Court and the Kingdom's government is so deeply entangled with the ill-reputed criminal cult family, The Slocks, that they take sides in a conflict they should be neutral in? At least that was the concerns a few people attending the court meeting Monday night had. But he was not the only one who somehow found it relevant to comment on Danny's sex-life in a case which had absolutely nothing to do with her sex-life. Earl Michael van Rook: "On the matter of the domicile of the Slocks I must relegate my wisdom to Miss Danny, for while she has seen many a corner and bedroom, I have never visited the domicile." A completely uncalled for comment about a woman who days ago had her former fiancé attempt to murder her, and allegedly the sister of the same man tried to have her killed by contract-murder. As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not in a position to judge if Danny and The Shady Lady is knee-deep in crime. I suspect there is something shady going on (pun intended) but I have no proofs, and neither does the court - or I assume the guards would already have acted. And that - the lack of proofs makes the next quote from the Lord High Chancellor even more interesting: Lord High Chancellor: The Chair has seen and heard enough. - The Miss "Danny" has not addressed the allegations, nor the questions by the Chair. The Chair further summarises that Miss "Danny" has levied personal unbased insults of criminal conduct against multiple members of this Council. These statements are untrue and against Council Procedure. The Chair therefore holds you in contempt of Council Procedure and you are no longer recognised to address this Council. Your statements will be struck from the records and if you are unwilling to leave this Chamber, the Sergeant-at-Arms is permitted to do so by force if necessary. See, it apparently matters who makes unfounded accusations against who. An Earl and a Secretary of Internal Affairs can make all the accusations he likes, but when a citizen then tries to defend themselves by mentioning an unhealthy relationship between a family well known for criminal activities and suspected of demonic-worship and a high-ranked court member, then conveniently, other rules are applied and it is all removed from the minutes and ignored. That is one way to try to shut up people. It just shows the wisdom in The Lion's Roar making sure to have people at the meetings who can supply us with transcripts of the ongoings, even when the Court itself tries to hide its actions. Mean spirited tongues has gone as far as to suggest that the working men and women of Stormwind does not deserve such a treatment from a Lord High Chancellor who barely works, and when he does, he insists on naming his dog his official aide and contemplates giving it voting rights at the council meetings. Yes, his actual dog. The same Lord High Chancellor who has no trouble calling beloved and renowned bard, Baldemar Sweet-Stonebridge for a commoner when he refused to address said High-Lord Chancellor with his official titles when meeting him outside a bar in Stormwind. Perhaps the Lord High Chancellor should change his motto for this political term to not be about humanity but about humility and admit him and his secretary of Internal Affairs stepped over the line this time.