n the evening of November 1st, the trial of the alleged Dockrats leader took place in Boralus. Upon arrival at the courtroom , I was held by the local authority. Who checked anyone attending the trial for weapons and tattoos. Before the 10th bell this cold evening, the ratlord himself approached in chains and shackles from top to bottom. The horrific sound must have gone through the spines of those being in the room. The man being accused of multiple assaults, murder and treason stood up there accompanied by his fashionable lawyer. Rod swore upon his life and by the Tidemother to tell the truth and only the truth. He then at a later point said, and I quote: "The Dockrats are a misguided people of thugs and thieves, but people. And I had to protect both sides from getting more blood spilled. Even my friend Mr. Vor'thus." The judge proceeded to a follow up question why Rod had taken the role upon leading the Dockrats. When I quote him again: "They are my friends.", Rod said. Then he continued to tell the judge about his past. How they all supported each other as most of the people looked down at them as rats, Worthless scumbags and animals. This is also written in the first article when the trial took place on August the 26th. I had the chance to read about witness statements and the trial before I took this opportunity to see not for myself, but for the people of Azeroth. Who this man truly is or if he is just another gangster pulling the strings in the alleys of Boralus. As the judge kept asking Rod questions, some people in the room could not hold their tongue and the judge saw no other options than warning a woman attending the trial for being loud. Without any other disturbance, the trial could continue. The closer to the end one could feel how those attending the trial hoped for the man to be discharged of his accusations. The judge came to the final verdict, that in lack of the previous witness statement and evidence,he found Rod guilty in some of the charges and convicted him with a fee of 35 silver, 15 lashes and 2 days in the stock. But also to denounce the gang and never have anything to do with them again. On the way out I grabbed my chance to have a word with the accused. Asking him how he felt about the final verdict by the judge. He said "Relieved.", and gave me a large smile before the guard escorted him back to his cell.