hose who visit Dalaran, Uldum or social events often might already know Vivian, a Forsaken with a very interesting project to brighten the life of kids and make their day a little better. A young woman who tries to show there is a chance of a better and peaceful future. The farm was a gift from an orc named Krugrug a, good friend of hers who sadly passed away. Many have people helped to make this farm become a reality, some clan members, but also Tavari Wildhaven, owner of the Toybox, who has a donation jar at his shop for this project. Other friends, like Tanakhu, give her food for the animals. Even if the space inside isn’t big, Vivian makes sure the animals can run free when she’s around to check them, and in all truth, they seem very happy with where they are. It has now been open for two years and inside one can find lots of bunnies, an alpaca, some Darkmoon ponies and a wyvern. A wide and exotic collection that orphans enjoy every Wednesday. But not all is good, sadly, Vivian finds that sometimes visitors see bunnies only as food, to be eaten. These young Forsaken hopes that if children are shown to pet instead of to kill, hunt and eat it, a future war could be prevented. One of the reasons she sells the bunnies is with the reasoning that if a kid learns to care for a pet, and not to eat it, the future might look better for all of us. But it’s also a great learning experience for kids that are not used to see horses or ponies. It hasn’t been easy, as she told me, when the recent incidents in Northrend happened, the Scourge attacked her farm too, killing many of her animals, even if she did her best at defending it. Animals that later also attacked her, as she explained: “Zombie chickens attacked us! Zombie birds pecked us and pooped on us! Now they rest here, under this memorial to the Feathered Fallen.” But this project also gives Vivian a purpose. As she was raised when she was just 15 years old, it’s hard to imagine what that change at such a young age can do. Yet she managed to find something, as she says: “Many Forsaken are glum and gloomy, but Viv is too busy for that. Everybody needs a purpose, and this is mine.” Life sometimes isn’t easy on Azeroth, and sometimes a teenager must find a way on her own, to overcome difficulties. Yet she manages to be the nice, cheerful person that those that know her, have come to love her as, and that even today, she remembers her parents, loves them, and misses them. As a final note Id like to thank Tavari Wildhaven for assisting me with translating Vivian's wonderful words.