uring the last months the picture of the Dalaran Trade Night has changed, slowly some shops closed, and others opened. In this article we have interviewed two new shops about their project and a veteran one to give our readers some updated information. For those interested in tea, tattoos, or some change of look, keep reading!

Floral Tea Corner

A new shop that is a mandatory stop for any tea lover or curious person. With a wide variety of flavours to satisfy any taste, personalised teas, and even medicinal ones to help with sleep problems. I personally recommend the Lion’s Roar, not just the paper as the shop offers a tea with that name, a casualty with a delicious ginger flavour. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Why did you decide to open here? Vita Rosevale: I suppose the true answer to why I opened here, was so that I could be able to reach out to both sides of the border, so to speak. I don't see the Horde as the enemy, and here is one of the few places where I can get to meet them without hostility. Gaedryel Ravenshade: What do you offer to customers? Vita Rosevale: I want to give them a safe place. Throughout my years, I've seen people hide their identities in shame, asking for my brews to help cure various troubles. There shouldn't be any shame in asking for help, so that is what I hope to give them; a comfortable, homely place to ask for help. Or just a new blend to try on a rainy Saturday evening. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Do you have any mail ordering system for those that don’t leave close or might be a bit shy? Vita Rosevale: Yes, I do offer mail ordering services. I'm no stranger to people wanting to be anonymous. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Do you also offer personalised medicinal teas? Vita Rosevale: Yes, my medicinal teas. I have helped everything from people with night terrors from war, down to their bowels~. And yes, of course! My personalised blends aren't just for leisure. It also goes to the medicine and otherwise. However, I'd prefer those to be more in private. Leisure is one thing, having troubles or needing other effects is best discussed between two eyes. Gaedryel Ravenshade: For the personalised tea there are some… personal questions, how does that help you? Vita Rosevale: It has a lot of value, when it comes to creating a tea. I look at all the answers, seeing the red thread. A person's favourite season, along with what flavours they dislike can prevent me from making a spicy pumpkin tea, and instead turn it into a sweet pumpkin blend. Or it can affect the scent more than the actual taste. There is a little science to it, and it's one I keep close to heart. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Do you accept personalised teas for friends? Vita Rosevale: Of course I accept those too~. That is also where the last question in the form is important. You can learn so much from how a person describes themselves, or a friend. Sometimes that alone can be the vital key ingredient to an entire blend! Gaedryel Ravenshade: Any popular/recommended tea? Vita Rosevale: And I would recommend the "Evening Saloon". It's one of my best blends among the black tea sections. Smoky, due to the whiskey infusion, but with a lovely aftertaste of chocolate and vanilla.


A new tattoo shop that offers options in many styles as well as arcane and light infused tattoos with different magical and protective spells. It has been open since the end of August and has had quite some success since then. Fele’thos Stillwind: I have done twelve piercings and nine tattoos since the opening. Though mind you, some of the tattoos are sessions of up till twelve hours. Gaedryel Ravenshade: What styles do you do? Fele’thos Stillwind: I offer Traditional style, realistic, illustrative, magical rune work and black work. I also do dotwork and some watercolour style. But all in all, most things can be requested, I just might need to practice some on beforehand. Though, the shop does not offer any sort of illegal runes or magical tattoos, nor any of the dark kind. Only light and arcane, but we are looking to get ink for those connected to nature. Gaedryel Ravenshade: How do the arcane and light tattoos work? Fele’thos Stillwind: Well, they are enhancements. They work very much in the same way, but arcane runes would do little for a Lightwielder. If we take my own arcane runes as an example, I have three, one to aid me in illusions, which makes them more potent and harder to break. I have one that aids with potency of the spellweaving of arcane overall and then I have a protection rune, which makes my abjuration spells stronger. Gaedryel Ravenshade: What about non magic users, can they use it? Fele’thos Stillwind: Depends...There are various options, but no spells cast spells for them. They can enchant for example. So instead of having an enchanted item, you put the enchantment on your body... Like… Illusions are the best example there. Perhaps to change someone’s appearance for the rest to see. But I do not recommend getting magical runes if you cannot wield said magic. It is expensive and won't be as useful... But, people can get it just for the fancy glow. Gaedryel Ravenshade: In which way are not as useful? Fele’thos Stillwind: Not as useful, no. Not the extent of what I have learned of making at least. The magical runes do not cast the spells. So you cannot get a magical rune that automatically makes a protective barrier on you in someone try and attack you...It is too complex...then none would be able to touch you in fear of activating it. Gaedryel Ravenshade: And I assume leaving it always activated is not possible either due to how much mana it consumes? Fele’thos Stillwind: Active spells such as that consumes a lot of mana, yes. Though I do not offer runes that will create spells for you. Those who just enhances don't draw as much mana. They can be refilled between two to four times a year. Depends on a little from person to person and how much it is used really. But refilling an arcane tattoo with arcane is easy enough and can be done by any magic wielder as long as they know how to. Swift and easy...and painless! Gaedryel Ravenshade: Any dangers or complications people should be aware of? Fele’thos Stillwind: It very rarely causes any complications, as I do not use raw arcane dust. The ink is already pre-processed and is safe to work with. But for say...if I by some miraculous way managed to tattoo a mistake, the spell could go from what intended to something dangerous. Though that has not happened during my sixty-three years of tattooing, and I am not planning of it to happen either-. Outside from that it's the regular infections though. If people do not take properly care of their tattoos after getting them done, they can get infected.' But they are informed how to take care of them, so if they follow instructions, it should be no problem. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Can someone bring their original design and ask you to do it? Fele’thos Stillwind: They can, I will of course tweak them if needed. Not everything works as well in drawings as it does on the body. So for example...if you wanted an upper arm tattoo with heavy detail...Such as...drawing a full room with books and candles and furniture and so on and so on...That would be a too small space to put that much detail, and the ink might bleed into one another. So I would suggest to...tweak the design to make it more fitting for said place. But in the end, it is the customers choice. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Advice for first timers or people scared of pain or needles? Fele’thos Stillwind: Well, I offer sedative cream that will numb the pain. I do try and create a safe and comfortable environment here. My biggest suggestion is...never do anything you are not sure you want, and never feel pressured into doing something with your own body. I just recently had someone change their mind before getting a piercing done, and that is completely fine. Eat food before coming here, be rested and breathe with your stomach. Pain is only temporary, art is forever.

Cal’s Barbery

Finally, a well-known barber shop not just for those looking to change their hair style, but which also attends to the needs of those looking to take care of their fangs, hooves, horns, or claws. Gaedryel Ravenshade: How long have you been open? Cal’trana: I recently celebrated the half-year anniversary and introduced new facial masks to my services. Gaedryel Ravenshade: What’s the most demanded service? Cal’trana: Hair, since it's the most common, but also a lot of nails for second, I'd think. Gaedryel Ravenshade: Are there any trending hairstyles? Cal’trana: Well, so far, I've had most customers with braids and ponytails or shorter with long bangs. So, I'd reckon a mix is in trend. There've also been worked in-braids into long hair, or short hair with very long ponytails. Yes, it's definitely a trend for the mix. Gaedryel Ravenshade: What do you recommend for dyes? Cal’trana: It depends on the person, as everybody is an individual. But personally, I don't like dyes myself. I only appraise them on what would look nice for each customer. So, mostly I go for either fitting for the eyes, skin or clothes, depending on the customer's wishes and mood. Gaedryel Ravenshade: You do free service for kids and homeless once a month, how can people help? Cal’trana: Well, I do what I can for people in need. I once per month go to the big Orphanages in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Usually for work on hair, nails and teeth, and related. If somebody were to wish to help, they can direct people here or donate. Children are the future after all, and a sign the universe hasn't given up on us. So they must be well.