aturday the 2nd of October, people gathered to celebrate with beer and food. The Brewfests are more and more popular. So, during the afternoon, before the celebrations started, I went around asking people if they were going to attend any celebration, why there’s so much love about beer and their opinions about it. Morgrim Coalhammer: “Och, sadleh' ther' be nae' a gatherin' in' the' northern' moontains', bu' - I be 'eadin' fer' a tendin' o' tha' forg' in Boralus - durin' tha' morro'. An, aye' - askin' a kinsman' o' me thinkin' o' brews an' fests? Och- I LOV' EET'! HAH! Drinkin' - brawlin' - spewin' an' MO' DRINKIN'?! Whas' nae' ther' ta' lov', aye? I thin' tha' fest' be propeh' - fer' eeet' be tha' gatherin' o' kin' an' friend'; sharin' tales', sons', fun an' drinkin'! An' - O'cours; fun' wah' ta' see tha' world' ... all throo' tha' drins', mugs' an' glasses' o' other' folk' an' kin'.” Lady Zulaiya van Rook: “Personally, I will probably be going to the Bridgeport celebration tonight and then the Market tomorrow. (Are you a fan of beer?) More of mead and rum in truth, but I can appreciate a good brew. Michael enjoys them more, truthfully. (Why people love beer so much?) Because you can do so much with it. You can have dozens of different flavourings added to it. It can also be added to food to flavour it. You can get seasonable beers as well. It’s cheap, easy to make, and can be made all year around.” Lord Ethan Forrester: “Unfortunately, I don't have the time for tha', but I wanted to. I do like beer, my second most favorite beverage, tha' is. After whiskey. Why people love beer so much? I'd say it's because of it's availability. Everyone can afford to buy one. Like the lower classes, so do the higher classes. It's a good drink when ya' just wanna hangout with friends in the tavern.”

The Brewmoon

Siavash Wildhaven hosted a festival in Pandaria, near a very popular brewery. Apart from a robot duel tournament, people could enjoy food and drinks thanks to Tristion Shelly, Kay and Theodore Mortimer, buy things at the Hummingbird Emporium, the Toybox, along Silver Oddities and others. Music was expertly performed by Derenly Winterdawn. Even a dragon could be seen! Siavash Wildhaven: “Life is to be savoured, as it is the small things that make a difference - thus tonight’s program is simple and contains all the good things in life: Intoxicants, music, a robot tournament and great company! (…) This is a unique season of the year! With the boisterous atmosphere of the festival, you might attract the cheery and lively spirits of Pandaria, and in particular the alementals, who love the energies of tipsy folks: So, do not be shy with your toasts and cheering, you might just summon them!” During my visit to the festival, I crossed paths with miss Vita Rosevale and asked her if the festival inspired any new tea that had a touch of beer somewhere. Vita Rosevale: “Well, I am working on finalising an October menu, and there might very well be a few beer inspired blends. (…) It already has inspired me” The night ended with Siavash’s inspiring words about festivals, a better future, and the sound and brightness of fireworks:
Siavash Wildheaven: "Tonight we’ve gathered for a festive tradition, and what an event it has been. I hope that it has brought something special for all of you - an experience you will think back on as something positive in your life. This year I realised that I’ve been hosting festivals for half a decade now. Six to eight festivals each year, for the last five years. WOW! It’s been such a blast and it’s taught me so much. Most importantly to be the change I wanted to see in Azeroth: I wanted from the start to show that it was possible to bring Horde and Alliance together, and in spite of differences, share an incredible time together. For many years, very few did events like these, but over the years I have seen new faces in the field of entertainment, and what a thrill it is for me to see how we all inspire each other. I hear many speak of “The good, old days” as something more precious than what we have in the present. While I am not here to argue or question people’s nostalgia -good memories shouldn’t be underappreciated- but does it really mean we cannot and shouldn’t create our experiences and excitements of at least just as much quality today, as in the past? Ever since the armistice, I’ve seen people pursue their dreams to start new social hubs, a career as bards and artists. Skill and creativity build upon not only the past, but inspiration of what is currently present. A growth of an inspiring community, who make themselves the power of examples and prove that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, but greenest where you water it. If you ever wonder where to take yourself, then do not feel alone, but look to those who build their own foundation, to explore what you can grow for yourselves and each other. Be the change you are looking for."

Boralus’ Brewfest

But this wasn’t the only celebration that day, in Bridgeport another one was organised by Fair Trade. The celebration had magnificent food and drinks, with a great variety as well and offered a very welcoming ambient. I got the chance to talk with Captain Peter Jan Langedijk about beer and the origen of Brewfest: "But if I would guess then it's that every beer brand tastes unique even though they use the same ingredients. A pilsner is a pilsner, yet a Northshire pilsner is nothing like one out of Loch Modan. (…) Brewfest was also founded as competition after all. Between brewers in Khaz Modan. Thunderbrew and Barleybrew also have a dispute whose ancestor is the founder." Lord Michael van Rook, also shared his thoughts about the drink and the festivity: "I do not think it is the celebration itself started as being of the Beer. What is celebrated more so than the beer is the end of summer, the start of harvest, and the first of many festivals to lighten the mood in the darkening of the days until winter. The fact that it has so grown to be about beer is - as Peter says - because it comes out of a comptetition and the perfect timing for the ripening of the beer which has been brewed since the start of spring." Finally, I asked one of the works at the party, Lexy Karayan, about her experience and the drink: "I am personally quite new to this brewfest thin' so I wasn't sure wot to expect. But so far I like it. And I imagine people like beer so much because it is cheap while effective in large quantities." The brewfest is over for this year, but we have heard that plenty of people celebrate the brews all year round, so we are confident you can find an excuse to have a drink even if Brewfest is over.