riday night was a night for killing. At least in Dalaran. No less than nine people saw their demise in the Legerdemain Lounge. Nine corpse, nine murders. All different, but a lot of strangulations. It all took place within two hours, and while it may seem like quite the killing spree then it might be time to reveal that no one actually died. So what did happen I hear you ask? The Maret Bar hosted a murder mystery in the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran and roughly thirty of us from all walks of life showed up to take part in the madness. Two killers, and a lot of victims. And of course, all the wrongly accused people, yours truly included. I got hanged. I'm still hurt someone thought me a killer when I was hiding behind a potted plant! For a few hours the Lounge was turned into the stage for a murderous party hosted by a horrible judgemental Lord (who luckily got killed off for his behaviour!) and as the light went out over and over, more and more people dropped dead - and more and more people got fingered and accused of doing it and hung. Despite the presence of real investigators, journalists and other peoples who make a living investigating things, then we all fumbled around in darkness (pun intended) and it got so bad that one of the killers (Vivian) killed the other (Deedi) because it was too easy! In the end Vivian was declared the winner and it just shows that wholesome people are not to be trusted. Thank you Valkyria Leafblade and Kreha'daras Phoenix for hosting it and thank you to the Legerdemain Lounge for setting the atmosphere and providing us with some proper investigative drinks during it all.