t is day two, and unlike Saturday nights tiger-wrangling in Stormwind then the wrestling matches in Dalaran Sunday night is an entirely different experience.

Day 1

The Azaroth Wrestling Grand Prix ran over two nights this time, and instead of me trying to tell the events of the first night I will let the referee and host of the tournament do it in their own words.
Recap of day 1: In the first of our first-round matches, The Earth Brother, Tanakhu, defeated Edrom, and his wily associate Brock, despite the latter attempting to interfere multiple times! In our second clash of the evening, a first time in the ring for Ruby Road ended in Ruin for her, as despite her aggressive and brutal combat, she was given the Last Call by El Panda Gigante, who advanced to tonight's second round! Then, In our penultimate match, the Stormwind Lioness, Lady Lionheart proved she's a quick learner, putting down some of the Legend Killer, Aumellia Goldbirth's usual strategies! But alas, that wasn't enough, and the Legend Killer's win streak continue to bring her to round two of the tournaments, dispatching Lionheart with the Blood Knight Order! And finally... In a shocking, bitter to some and... painful for my head bout, the Greatforged, Raamses, took on Ellirianon Moonseeker. The former, from what I gather, violently cheated - Even more than he was bending the rules when I was conscious.

Day 2

Tonight, it is time for the semi-finals and the finale where the two winners from the semi-finals face up against each other. Between the semi-finals and the final the reigning Heavyweight Champion Kori Raine defends her belt in a match against "The Horn". As the crowd started gathering, the spectators carried on excited conversations. Discussing their favourite wrestlers, exchanging tales from past matches, and hyping up the event for the night.
Kaldorei spectator: 'Tis always safest to take a seat early. Especially if you have a favoured seat! Dwarven spectator: Tha's true! But the best seat is the closest seat if ye ask me. Kaldorei spectator: Well, depends what you prefer! I like a seat near the middle and on the edge. Gives a good view of the ring and also often a good view as they come running out! Dwarven spectator: Ohoh, that's not a bad idea! Dwarven spectator: If I dinnae feel sweat from the competitors, they're not sweating enough! Kaldorei spectator: I like to see the action more than feel it.
I have to say I side with the Kaldorei here, I too would rather see the action, than get covered in bodily fluids. But, I don't yuck other peoples yum.
Kaldorei spectator: You have a favorite? Dwarven spectator: I have multiple! Kaldorei spectator: Oh? Do tell! Dwarven spectator: Of course The Red Anvil Edrom, he's actually enlisted in the same Squadron as I! Then there's El Panda Gigante! He's a veteran and fights like it! Always showing respect tae his opponent. And of course, Elli! Och she's really got that fighter's heart. Kaldorei spectator: She certainly does. Dwarven spectator: Did you see her fight against the Tauren? Oh my... she even beat him! Kaldorei spectator: Mmhm, one of the most impressive moments! Kaldorei spectator: She's my personal favorite. Dwarven spectator: Aye! How do ye even beat a Tauren?! Like I wouldn't want to be in a ring with a Tauren, I'm a dwarf! Kaldorei spectator: But I also really enjoy watching El Panda Gigante and Tanahaku! I like that they are so respectful. Kaldorei spectator:
As the conversation carried on, it was time to start the fight.

Semi-final #1

Let us get the two wrestlers introduced.
From Feralas, representing the continent of Kalimdor! Weighing in at a total of Three-hundred and Ninety pounds, standing a whole TEN FEET TALL ! Give it up for the Warrior of the Frozen Paw! The Earth Brother.... TANAKHUUUUUUUUUU! And his opponent.. She is the Two Time Brawl'gar champion... The Thalassian Viper... THE LEGEND KILLER! AUMELIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! GOOOOOOOLDBIRTH!
And with that (and after a quick check that neither fighter brought cheats with them) the first fight of the evening was off. Aumellia quickly seized the initiative and rushed Tanakhu, leaping at him and trying to get a quick fast ending to the fight with a chokehold, but alas, while she is a muscular Bloodelf then she is still fighting a Tauren and Tanakhu effortlessly pushed her away from him, slamming her into the corner, pain visible on her face. Tanahaku now takes the initiative and rushes the woman, both arms out to the sides, slamming into the elf, pinning her between his body and the corner-post of the arena. A loud yelp and panicked scream were heard from the poor Bloodelf. But the Tauren was not letting up, using his large hand he gripped her head, dragging her almost limp body across the ring, away from the corner. Unsurprisingly Aumellia was not done yet, she did not get this far in the tournament to be defeated that easily and with all the strength of those muscular legs she delivered a series of kicks and blows to the mid-section of the Tauren, sending a series of high impact sounds across the arena, loud enough to drown out part of the spectators roaring cheers. With a huff of slight annoyance almost, he performed a quick chop with his large hands across the woman's chest, making her growl out in pain and falling to her knees, out of breath and struggling. Tanahku proceeded to lift up Aumellia, flipping her upside down, shouting for the audience if we are ready. Despite Aumellia's desperate attempt to break free Tanakhu still manages to execute his piledriver, then leans down to pin her to the mat, aiming to end the fight. Almost at the count of three Aumellia manages to lift her shoulder just enough to avoid the BKO, Tanakhu getting frustrated that the Bloodelven woman won't stay down drags her across the arena, clasping her and throwing her half across the arena, the poor woman landing on her back with a loud crunch. Tanakhu charges after, intent on finishing this once and for all, but he once more has forgotten the resilience of the Bloodelf. As the referee reaches the count of two, she manages to move from her downed position and as Tanakhu is distracted posing for the audience she manages to get back up, only to get grabbed once more by the Tauren and tossed into the corner where it all started. Charging up Tanakhu gets ready to finish it with a charge which would make the mightiest of bulls jealous. Headfirst he charges her, only to see the elf sidestep at the last possible moment and the Tauren hammers his head into the metal bits on the corner post. He stops, looks unsteady, and Aumellia finishes the job by grabbing the head of the shaken Tauren, brings him down on the mat, pins him and wins the first semi-final of the day.

Semi-final #2

The second semi-final started off a tad unconventionally.
From the Peak of Greatness, weighing in at three hundred and thirty pounds! The self proclaimed ‘Great One’... The Greatforged, RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAMSES! Making his way to the ring…From parts unknown in Pandaria. Weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds, he’s the high flying big man! The Master of the Bre-!
At this point the Pandaran came... flying... into the arena in some sort of leap, unfortunately, it means he almost knocked himself out. Everyone’s favourite enemy, Raamses, paraded around the arena riling up the spectators while the Pandaren was allowed to catch his breath and get ready for the fight. Once the fight started, Raamses quickly got the upper hand, throwing the Pandaren around as he wished, making Gigante cuddle the ropes in a desperate attempt at not being defeated within the first five minutes of the fight. Saved by the referee as he clutched the ropes, Raamses instead grabbed the Pandaren by the ear, pulling, causing another uproar from the audience. Raamses really does not have many friends in this crowd. While pulling the Pandaran around by his ear, Raamses stomps on the poor man's chest, wiping his hoofs on his face. As the referee tells off Raamses for his behaviour, the Pandaren slowly gets back on his feet, as Raamses backs off only to charge the downed Pandaren, Gigante manages to duck from the kick to his head and instead springs up and manages to land a dropkick to the side of the Draneai's head, sending Raamses down and holding his head. Seizing the moment Gigante drags Raamses to his feet, only to bend him over and grab his head with his thighs, but Raamses is not that easily defeated and grabbing the Pandaren's legs he is send flying backwards landing painfully on his back. Raamses, once more having the upper hand starts dragging Gigante by the ear, lifting him and piledriving him right into the mat. Raamses, refusing to pin the Pandaren, but instead wanting him to give up on his own, folding him up aand causing him immense pain while taunting the Pandaren, telling him to give up, to disappoint everyone. Raamses gets ready to finish off the Pandaren, back away from the almost defeated Gigante and gets ready to charge. Much like the previous match, the Pandaren prepares for this, kicking Raamses as he comes charging, then jumps up on on the corner pole of the ring and executes his signature move, the Brew Belly Bomb. Raamses manages to pull his knees up as the Pandaren is about to land on him, driving them into the belly of the falling Pandaren. As Gigante bounces off the Draneai and in great pain, Raamses gets back up and once more grabs Gigante by the ear, pulling on both the ear and his legs in a leghold. The Pandaren fights to get free and Raamses delivers several slaps to the back of the Pandaren's head. With a defiant roar the Pandaren slams both his pawns into the mat and pushes up, freeing himself from the hold and flinging the Draneai off of him, giving him a quick punch in the lower back as well. Reversing the situation Gigante pins Raamses in a submission hold, causing the big blue brute pain, and while Raamses tries to make it to the ropes, he is dragged back by the Pandaren who then pins him. And then it is all over. Raamses taps out, the fight is won. El Panda Gigante has won the second semi-final and the audience got the winner they wanted.

The champion defence

For the last fight of the day, Kori Raine, AWGP Heavyweight champion was supposed to defend her title against the challenge "The Horn". Unfortunately, The Horn had to cancel, and instead, replacing her was:
She is the Pearl Award winning single combatant from this years Grand World Tournament... Neiva Dawnblood!
What followed was a fight which seemed to mostly take place outside the ring, and not inside it. With guest referee and surprise opponent, Kori started off with a charge and rage not seen previously in this tournament. The quick charge is quickly turned against the charging champion, Neiva slamming her forearm against Kori's head over and over, but instead of defending herself against this, Kori seems more angered then hurt and starts pounding Neiva's head as well. For a moment, that is what happens. The two women just hitting each other in the head. And they are not done trading blows, as Neiva managed to deliver a hand-chop against Kori's chest, the larger woman simply returns it in force, sending the smaller woman stumbling back and she is quickly seized by Kori who tries to dive at the unsteady Neiva, who manages to turn the situation around and fling the charging Kori into the ropes. The moment Kori hits the ropes she bounces back, letting herself be flung violently against Neiva who in turn starts charging Kori, arm stretched out. The champion is hit on the neck by the outstretched arm and with the ground shaking the champions body hits the ground. Neiva takes a second to recompose herself then leaps on top of Kori, sending blows from fists and forearms into the champions face and upper chest, but again Kori seems angrier than hurt by the series of blow and manages to swing wildly at Neiva amidst the blows making the elven woman retreat slightly. Kori rolls out under the ropes of the ring, getting a bit of breath back but is quickly followed by Neiva who wants to press her charge. Neiva is met by Kori who grabs a fistful of Neiva's hair and slingshots her into the pillar of the nearby shack, sending the smaller woman into the grass. With Neiva already down, Kori grabs her by the hair and throws her on to the nearby spectator stand, the elven woman doing little to resist as her body crashes into the hard wooden seating arrangement. With little effort Kori then picks her and repeats it with the next section of spectator seating, throwing her against the hard wood and sending the spectators scrambling for safety. Finally deciding to get the fight back into the ring Kori drags the almost limp body of Neiva under the ropes and back into the ring and proceeds to pummel and abuse the poor woman. At this point the fight took a strange turn and almost turned into a sadistic display on Kori's part. From clawing at eyes, to biting, breaking fingers and despite Neiva fighting a brave fight then she is eventually choked and passes out.

The finals - AWGP : Intercontinental Championship Tournament

After this.. show? it was time to get back to the main event.
Our first competitor... From parts unknown in Pandaria. Weighing in at Two-hundred and Sixty pounds.... The High Flying Big Man! The Master of the Brew! ELLLLLLLLLL PAAAAAAAANDA! GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGANTEEEEEE! From Silvermoon City in Quel’thalas, weighing in at One-hundred and Sixty-seven pounds.... The Two-time Brawl'gar champion! The Thallasian Viper! The Legend Killer! AUMEELLLLLIAAA! GOOOOOOOOOOLDBIRTH!
Seizing the initiative El Panda Gigante closes the distance to Aumellia, sending a flurry of blows against her chest, making her retreat towards the corner of the ring where the Pandaren sends a blow from his forearm against her face, while grabbing her arm and flinging her across the ring into the ropes of the other corner. As Aumellia hits the ropes in the other end of the ring she instantly picks up speed and reverses her momentum sending her flying back against the Pandaren, feet first, delivering a kick to Gigante's gut, making him bend over. Aumellia quickly grabs the Pandaren in a chin lock, making him cry out in pain and despite her holding on for awhile then he slowly manages to break free, but just before he does, Aumellia lets go and launches herself up into the air with a leap, hoping to hit the Panda hard and deliver a BKO, but the Pandaren, having anticipated this pushes her away from him, sending her against the ropes where she once more reverses the momentum and comes flying back at the Pandaran. The Pandaren grabs the returning elf, suplexing her and sending her headfirst into the mat, and follows up by getting on top of her, pinning her down against the mat. At the count of two Aumellia manages to break free enough to stop the count and Gigante pulls her up to deliver another blow to his opponent, but as he does she delivers a hard and quick sucker punch right to his snout. Stunned and surprised the Pandaren has little chance as Aumellia lifts up the Pandaren and brings him down on the mat with a powerslam and quickly follows up by pinning the Pandaren to the mat. A second away from the count of three Gigante manages to break free of her pin and frustrated Aumellia walks out of the ring, reaches under the spectator stand and pulls out a... foldable table. The referee quickly instructs her to not bring the table into the ring, or the Pandaren will win the title, instead Aumellia walks back inside the ring, grabs the still recovering Pandaren and drags his snout along the ringside, snout against the ropes. Finding more strength, the Pandaran manages to clasp his hands together and deliver a powerful blow to the woman’s face and shoves his shoulder into her gut and flinging her over the ropes for a back body drop. He then drags her up, positions himself with her head between his thighs and delivers a piledriver upon the woman. The second time for her this night. El Panda Gigante quickly lands on her, pinning her, and as she (true to style) gets free just before the count of three, he climbs the ropes ready to perform his signature move, the Brew Belly Bomb but as he sails through the air, Aumellia manages to roll out of the way at the very last moment, sending the Pandaren belly first right into the mat, knocking the air out of him. Aumellia quickly grabs the groggy Pandaren and delivers another brutal blow to him, sending him into the mat and another pin which ends as the Pandaren breaks free just as the referee is about to count to three. Aumellia, frustrated at this point grabs the Pandaren and drags him out under the ropes. Once outside the ring, and the mat, she throws the Pandaren on the ground, face first with herself on top, the lack of mat outside of the ring making the impact sound more wet than what is comfortable to hear. Not finished yet, Aumellia continues to slam the Pandaren fast first into the hard ground before she gives him a moment to get back up, only for her to grab him again and as she aims to send him crashing through the table she put up earlier, and on to the ground below, the Pandaren manages to reverse the situation - turn the table - on her and sends both of them crashing into the table, with her first, splinters and table-parts flying everywhere. For a moment they both lie there before the referee manages to rouse them enough to get them both back into the ring where the fight continues. Both fighters barely conscious at this point, battered and beaten. A quick few exchanges of blows, an attempt from Aumellia to leap and knock out the Pandaren is reversed and almost gets her a third piledriver, turning into an elbow strike to the Pandaren's gut, and suddenly Aumellia is down and El Panda Gigante is back in the ropes, executing his signature move once again - the Brew Belly Bomb. This time it lands and connects. Several hundred kilos of Pandaran "muscles" lands on top of Aumellia and she is out for the count. The winner of the tournament and first AWGP Intercontinental champion is El Panda Gigante