aturday evening a man called Saxton Hale decided the best form of entertainment - in Lion's Rest, the memorial for the late King Varian Wrynn and the brave heroes who fell at the battle of the Broken Shore - was to set a sabretooth tiger he had brought with him, free. I was not there myself, I was in Dalaran - watching actual real wrestling - oh the irony - but thanks to notes from our secretary and the help of several witnesses I have managed to somewhat put the pieces together. You may think it would be a not only stupid, but also dangerous idea to set a wild and dangerous beast free in the middle of the city, and you would be correct. But not only did Saxton Hale think it was a great idea, but he also offered five gold pieces to the person who bested the beast. How he got hold of five gold, and if he even had them, we will never find out, needlessly to say his plan did not go as he expected. The sabretooth tiger, supposedly wild and fresh from the jungles of Stranglethorn, was held in a cage and some sort of barrier was around said cage. Once the barrier went down the tiger quickly went out of its cage and with a mighty pounce assaulted Saxton Hale. At this point the story gets a little muddled. Sir Agrovane quickly jumped the tiger, wrestling it. Meanwhile a large worgen with a harpoon gun was aiming to take a shot at the beast (by beast I don't mean Sir Agrovane). A Kaldorei druid, who was also present, either tried to calm the beast, or prevent the worgen from shooting it, that part is a little unclear - it could have been both. After a quick but fierce fight the tiger was shot by the worgen, the harpoon impaling the poor beast - Mister Steelforge charged Saxton Hale and knocked him on his ass and luckily no one but Saxton Hale got seriously hurt. The tiger however had a fatal end. It did not deserve any of this. It never asked to be captured in Stranglethorn, moved to Stormwind and used in some twisted form of entertainment. Saxton Hale was dragged away to the Stockades where I hope they will keep him for a good while. Thank you to Mister J. Dorian, Vimmy Cogilsprocket and Bael Steelforge for helping me with the details.