ecretaries of The Royal Court oversee administration and projects agreed upon by the court. They also work in an advisory role to the court and by extension the King or currently, the Regent. Fourth and final interview. I could go on of course, but I ran out of secretaries. And maybe - just maybe - you dear readers would like other news as well! For this one it is the Secretary of Magic and Education, Lady Aldieth Cloudwhisper I am talking to, to get some insights into her work and the work of the committee she chairs. H. Lester: Right. Lets start out with something - hopefully - simple. What is it you do, as the secretary of Magic and Education? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Simply put, I oversee anything to do with those topics relating to the Kingdom. For example, if there are Magical matters which need to be attended to - such as a threat, then I would need to help deal with that. Another is liaising with the Kirin Tor. But my job also includes me finding ways to improve the education prospects of those within the Kingdom, as well as strengthen Magical awareness, law, and knowledge. H. Lester: Can you give a few practical examples of your work? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Of course. They can be things such as arranging and overseeing Magic Projects - all of which aim to better Magi and or people within the Kingdom. Other examples may include meeting with the Kirin Tor on a wide range of different topics. H. Lester: For how long have you been the Secretary for Magic and Education? Secretary Cloudwhisper: I have been in this position since..ah, I would say toward the end of last Summer. I became the Secretary when Magus Hawk stepped down; and I was elected by my peers. H. Lester: In that time, what would you say have been your biggest success and your biggest failure? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Hm. I believe my biggest failure was my management of different Projects. Last term was quite difficult as we were working on too many things at once. It led to a few problems - most of all have been resolved. My biggest success? The Magical Education Initiative, certainly. H. Lester: They say we are supposed to learn from our mistakes, I take it you have plans to avoid the same happening this term? less projects? quality over quantity? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Oh yes, indeed. I am a very strong believer of that saying. I have streamlined Magical Affairs projects so that we are doing less at once whilst also devoting more of our time and resources where it needs to be. Currently, our main focus is our collaboration with the Adamant Scholars on Project Orchard.

The Future

H. Lester: That leads me to the next question, like the other secretaries then you had a short introduction to what you will work on this term on the last court meeting. Would you mind repeating that? and feel free to add more details of course. Secretary Cloudwhisper: Gladly. One of our big Projects this term is Project Orchard. We're working with a group of Dalaran Magi called the Adamant Scholars on it. Orchard is quite the special project as we're building a Museum for Magical Artifacts and other items. This enables local study for Magi within the area as well as a nearby location for those studying in the Mage Quarter. Secondly, I am expanding the Magical Education Initiative by taking on more students as well as having my department provide seminars - which are open to all - on certain topics of Magic. Our last focus is the Kirin Tor. Whilst they are a neutral entity, we share similar visons about Magic and the Laws around it. I seek to ensure that we continue to have a good, friendly working relationship. H. Lester: That all sounds like things which will keep you busy. Which of the three projects do you expect will challenge you the most? Secretary Cloudwhisper: Absolutely Project Orchard. It's going to be a huge undertaking for my department as well as the Adamant Scholars. There is much to consider for a museum open to the public - security, logistics, upkeep and of course, staffing. But I am confident. H. Lester: You have any plans to find a deputy secretary? Secretary Cloudwhisper: I do, and I have a perfect person in mind for such. However, for now, I am going to see where it goes. It's best not to rush these things. H. Lester: Different secretaries do it differently, so are you going to mostly have other courtiers in your committee, or you opening up to a wider varity of people to join the meetings? Secretary Cloudwhisper: For me it depends on the committee. If it's one of a sensitive nature, then I only allow my colleagues. However, generally, I do not mind people attending, granted that it is appropriate for the topic. H. Lester: So you don't have a list of people you plan to invite specifically because you value their expertise or knowledge? Secretary Cloudwhisper: I do not have a list - but I invite those whom I feel may help us. For example, part of Project Orchards security is a Dwarven War Golem. We had an expert attend a committee meeting for that. But generally speaking, I do encourage open and honest discussion with the public as well as my colleagues at all times. It's important. When I ran the Guard misconduct committee the public were welcome. H. Lester: I actually don't have a lot more questions, trying to not make it too much of a mouthful for the readers - is there something you would like to add? Secretary Cloudwhisper: I'd just like to say if anyone has any questions or concerns about my work they are of course free to mail me - my office is open for anyone. A little shorter this time, not because Lady Cloudwhisper's work is less important mind you, but I was trying to make it more bitesized. With the four secretaries interviewed the next article in the series will be comments from me, experts and the citizens on the street of Stormwind.