peaking of the Legerdemain Lounge then the latest instalment of the Dalaran Trade Nights featured a hopping (pun intended) party in said establishment. The Shredding Accordingly was the main feature on Tuesday night, and for almost three hours they entertained the crowd with amazing musical performances. From a slow start with Baldemar playing on his own, to all four band members hamming home one hit after another. From slow ballads like "I should never have left Boralus" and fan favourite "It's raining gnomes" (which we got in both solo and band version) to an ending with more hard rock with Vetterik "Shredduin" Briden taking the lead on several solo's, showing off just why he is Azeroth’s uncrowned guitar hero. The Shredding Accordingly is a band made up of four musicians. Baldemar Sweet-Stonebridge, who I imagine most know of - a master of the accordion and a man who knows how to throw a good street party where everyone feels welcome. Octavia Tinwood is renowned for her work on creating unique pieces of music and many a night you can hear the sublime tones of her harp music in the Lion's Rest in Stormwind. Thirdly is before mentioned Vetterik "Shredduin" Briden who has a knack for the more hard-hitting music, similar to that of the famous band The Blight Boar. Last but not least is Xabia who brings it all together with that solid beat of the drums, the foundation of percussion you need in most good concerts. The Legerdemain Lounge provided a perfect venue for the concert with both friendly bar staff to keep the alcohol flowing as well as a spacious interior which allowed for the bandstand and a decent sized dancefloor without every visitor ending up in a mosh-pit against their will. I had a talk with a few of the guests.
WHAAAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU! -Goblin Concert goer
Ooooooh look at his fingers go! -Vet "fan girl" troll.
It's raining gnomes, dub-bi-du-bai, its raining gnomes! Woohoo! I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get Absolutely gnome-attacked! It's raining gnomes, dubbi-du-bai It's raining gnomes, every hairstyle you know Curvy, straight, tails and spikes Rough and tough and strong and mean -Anonomous Kul Tiran Journalist
The Legerdemain Lounge has been having a revival lately and we suggest everyone make it a thing to visit, and why not on a Tuesday during the Dalaran Trade Nights where you may even get a bit of shopping done in between the cocktails! As for the Shredding Accordingly then rumours has it that agents of the band is in discussions with the team behind the upcoming Gadgetzan Brewfest taking place in a few weeks, where you can also find a special brewfest pub-quiz hosted by The Lion's Roar.