s mentioned in the article Sunday, then the Secretaries of The Royal Court oversee administration and projects agreed upon by the court. They also work in an advisory role to the court and by extension the King or currently, the Regent. This is the second out of a series of four interviews, and is with Secretary of War and Military affairs, Cailen Cadogan.


H. Lester: If you could start by telling me.. and more importantly... the readers what it is you do as a secretary of War and Military affairs? Secretary Cadogan: I am the Lord High Chancellor's secretary in matters concerning war and military affairs. In effect, I serve as a liaison between my superiors within Stormwind High Command and the House of Nobles. I oversee petitions made that concern the topic of the military. I pursue policies on behalf of the nobility and the Lord High Chancellor, to better the lives of our service men and women. H. Lester: That is - forgive me the expression - a bit lofty - got any real-life examples of what that may look like? Secretary Cadogan: I saw after the invasion of the Scourge not too long ago, that a great many military units and volunteer forces made up the defense. This was of course after a war that was severely taxing on our Kingdom and the Alliance. These paramilitary forces and our military units worked in close combination, but there were stresses. I pursued as a policy, establishing the war-games programme. Which would serve as another means to test and train various units of military forces, both within the Kingdom and the greater Alliance, in a series of simulated combat scenarios. This is to encourage inter-regiment unity, a sharing of insights and tactics, and so on. Beyond the military, the plan is to expand them to other combat forces not associated with Stormwind High Command. H. Lester: That does sound very interesting, not only from a practical point of view, but also for morale. This does lead me to my next question, I was going to ask what you consider having been your biggest success as a secretary? Secretary Cadogan: Well I have already discussed the war-games, we're not there yet but it is a successful project. But it would not happen without a close working relationship with senior officers within the various military orders and regiments that defend this city. I am pleased to say during my tenure, I have been able to foster a network of military officials who have been working closer than ever at great benefit to the Kingdom's security. H. Lester: So there is also a lot of diplomacy and organisational work? it is not all about military campaigns andd swinging swords? Not.. we are after all in a time of.. hmh, tentative peace. That being said, I have in my capacity as Secretary handed down orders from Stormwind High Command to military regiments who I believe would best succeed at the mission. I have on one occasion organised an operation to nip the rising Scarlet problem in the north in the bud. H. Lester: That is all success, but no man - or woman - goes through life without failures, feel like sharing one with us? Secretary Cadogan: You will understand certain specifics mostly classified. Well. The Scarlets are still a rising problem in the north, so you can tell my operation was not wholly successful. As for personal failures, the war-games haven’t exactly come off without a hitch. There are a lot of people involved with quite strong personalities, demands, wishes. All need to be accounted for. I could perhaps have done more to make it an easier exercise. H. Lester: Easier how? like the tasks and challenges? or on a management level? Secretary Cadogan: Perhaps I could have been more hands on. I may have foreseen some issues that arose and avoided them. I cannot be more specific than that. A lot of issues pass my desk every day. Sometimes it's hard to know what to focus all your attention on in one moment. H. Lester: It is, which leads me to ask - any plans for a deputy secretary? I know some are looking for such positions to get filled. Secretary Cadogan: I would appreciate a deputy secretary, yes. Someone with the right qualifications and background, with the vim and vigour to shoulder some of the burden. With their own ideas as well, we welcome new perspectives. H. Lester: Courtiers only? or you looking to recruit one from a wider audience? Secretary Cadogan: To be a secretary or deputy secretary you must be a sitting member of the King's council. H. Lester: Does that go for all members of the committee? or are you recruiting members from outside the court? Secretary Cadogan: Within reason, any member of the public may be involved in a committee so long as it's an open meeting, and their presence is relevant to the topic of debate. H. Lester: Ah. You have any regulars on the committee? or does it very a lot from meeting to meeting? Secretary Cadogan: It varies from topic to topic. I more regularly meet with officials and service men from the Seventh Legion, and other special forces groups. H. Lester: So your work is less committee based than for the other secretaries you think? Secretary Cadogan: I would definitely say so, yes. Largely down the classified nature of my work.

The future, War-games

H. Lester: You mentioned your plans for the next political term on the Monday meeting, mind going over those again for the readers? Secretary Cadogan: Yes of course. Firstly of course is the continuation of the war games programme, which has passed through it's testing phase. I think we've worked out the majority of the issues, and we are ready to open up a second roster for non-military, or paramilitary groups that wish to test their ability in simulated combat situations.

The future, The allies

The second is more politically driven. I believe a value that is shared by most of humanity is loyalty, and a commitment to friends and allies. Secretary Cadogan: We took in the Kaldorei, but there is no long-term solution to their current predicament. Housing is in short supply, they're from such as vastly different culture that they find it difficult to integrate, find work, and so on. Unless we want serious unrest on our hands in the future, Stormwind needs to help Kaldorei forces in their homelands to secure the forests and groves the Kaldorei have left. That way, in time, I hope many will choose to return to Kalimdor, a land they feel more comfortable in. I will achieve this by working with allies in area, and our intelligence services, to identify key threats that can be eliminate in strike operations by the Seventh Legion and other forces. H. Lester: So help Stormwind prevent unrest by getting the Kaldorei back to Kalimdor? Secretary Cadogan: It is the only solution that I can think of that is in my power to implement, of course, other secretaries will be working on other plans to cope with our growing and vastly diverse population. H. Lester: I can't help but wonder - that solves the problem of one refugee group, but Stormwind has several? The Gilneans? the Ren'dorei? Secretary Cadogan: The Ren'dorei are a smaller population, and they are actually rather self sufficient. The Gilneans that arrived from Darnassus have on the whole done remarkably better than the Kaldorei. They are human after all, in part. They have had less trouble assimilating into city life. That does bring us onto my third policy... and that is the north.

The future, The North

Secretary Cadogan: Well. in regard to the north. The Kingdom of Stormwind continues to extend it’s influence beyond Thoradin’s Wall to pacify an otherwise lawless and dangerous landscape. Secretary Cadogan: As Stormwind and the Grand Alliance seek to pave the way for settlement on lands once pillaged by our enemies, my office endeavours to focus efforts on crushing rebellious dissent, religious zealotry, and separatism as Stormwind establishes the presence of the King’s Law and sovereign rule to Lordaeron. H. Lester: I imagine some of the local Lords of the North are not entirely thrilled with that? Secretary Cadogan: Most who aspire to a Lordaeron reborn, free from plague, undeath, the greed of outlaws and mindless zealotry, should welcome the return of a human monarch and unity within the Grand Alliance. Too long has Lordaeron been the chess board for greedy lords who murder, cheat, and rob the innocent. Then when they have the slightest brush with the law and proper authority, they cry tyranny and mutter words of separatism and dissent. I have lost my patience. H. Lester: You have any particular groups in mind when you say that? Secretary Cadogan: I will leave that to your readers to decide. It would be improper for me to name names here, and it may hinder operations. H. Lester: I had to try. Which of these three goals do you expect will give you the most challenge? Secretary Cadogan: The north, of course. It's been a thorn in the Alliance side for a long, long time. It will continue to be until the blue and gold lion flies above Lordaeron City. When that day comes, I assume it will be the problem of whoever is appointed Viceroy. H. Lester: You not worried the North will see these words are more of a war declaration than anything else? Secretary Cadogan: Mhm. We are aware of that, and we do reassure our allies in the Argent Crusade and so forth that we do not come as conquerors, but rightful law-bringers. As for the Forsaken question, Stormwind High Command wishes to assure the public that no Horde-aligned undead settlement will be encroached upon unless attacks are made upon soldiers and citizens of the Alliance. In which case, the Stormwind Military will take the necessary measured response. But we endeavour to maintain the armistice every step of the way. H. Lester: Some may read this, and think "Bloody hell, we just got an armistice and an end to the war - we have refugees in our streets, and now they want to start another conflict?! why not just let the North be." To those people, what would you answer be? Secretary Cadogan: I shall correct you, the war didn't end. An armistice is not peace, merely a cessation of fighting, they're not the same thing. Conflict with the Horde remains, merely the means have changed. It is not in the open field, but in the realms of surveillance, espionage, and assassination. Daggers in the dark. Secretary Cadogan: Regarding the north, if we leave it, it will fester like an open wound. We have already seen a massive resurgence in the Scarlet crusade, not to mention other violent groups apparently loyal to the Banshee Queen. Rogue death knights and the like. We are the only people who can bring order and has a right to be there. Lordaeron is the birthright of humanity. H. Lester: But one could argue it just isn't our problem. Man the walls, deal with it if it becomes a problem and let our youth have a live rather than throw them into more conflict and battles? Secretary Cadogan: Thoradin built his wall, but he knew if he hid behind it, Arathor would be destroyed by the Amani, and the story of humanity would have ended three thousand years ago. This conflict is no different. If we bury our heads in the sand. It will be our ruin. H. Lester: But is no price too high to pay? what good does it do to win if we throw away a generation of young people in the process? Secretary Cadogan: I take the lives of our soldiers very seriously. I am a veteran of the last fifteen years of war as well, bear in mind. Every operation we take, every military action is conducted with the utmost attention to detail, with a view to preserving the lives of our servicemen and women. But if we do nothing, far more lives could be lost. Nay not could, will. H. Lester: That seems like an excellent point to end on. Is there something you want to add for the reader? Secretary Cadogan: I would like to state that I am deeply honoured to work with and serve among the soldiers that protects our lives and our Kingdom from evil. I am proud to be their voice at council and will continue to serve at my very best. H. Lester: Thank you Sir Cadogan Secretary Cadogan: You are very welcome, Mister Lester. Thank you. That was the second out of the four interviews. More to follow in the coming days.