ast night was an eventful night. Here is a couple of short news.

The closing of the political season

The year is divided into two political terms, and the spring and summer term just ended Monday night with a lovely ceremony. With the closing of this political term we also saw a change of guard in the case of Secretary of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Commander Dame Bridget Halliday who has decided to resign from her position and join the court as a regular member. To celebrate her work the last year, from the work on the Queen Tiffin Foundation, to her work as a liaison with the guards, and finishing with a bang of an administrative task in terms of the Stormwind Census (still looking forward to the data that resulted in!), then she was awarded the Honourable Order of Alexston. An order only two people before her has been awarded. Lady Guenhywir Talan, and yours truly.
Most Honourable Order of Alexston What is the Order of Alexston? The Order of Alexston is a decoration created, given to citizens of the Alliance, for eminence in a field of endeavour. This medal is a very prestigious award, and only citizens are eligible for a recommendation. The order is named after Baros Alexston, the city architect of Stormwind. The creator of the famed Lion’s Rest park, alongside the Embassy, and for the repairs of the City as a whole. His long service and his many projects have earned him immortality as a public officer.
There was speeches, long ones, plenty of them. From Lord High Chancellor Count Didonus Essington going over the results of this political term, going back to his statement at the opening of the political term and commenting on the achievements along the way. After Lord High Chancellor Count Didonus Essington had held a speech, Lieutenant Commander Dame Bridget Halliday held one, then Lord High Chancellor Count Didonus Essington held another one and I may have snoozed a bit at this point. At the end of it all, the guards, Royal Court members and in the end us civilians walked out of the keep in a (for some) neat procession. At the gates and drawbridge, a small social ceremony took place where people thanked each other for the hard work of the previous term.

Man assaulted in the harbour district

Sunday night a local man, Derek Abberline, was brutally attacked near the docks. With fists, knives and even a rope to strangle him with, a man and a woman attacked him as he was watching the ships come and go in the harbour. He fought them off for a bit, but eventually a dart laced with some sort of sleeping agent took him down, and he was left bleeding at the cobblestones. Luckily two guards from the Echo company found him and he was brought to the Cathedral and healed. Why he was attacked he does not know, he thinks maybe it is an attack on his employer, or the company he works for. The assailants managed to steal his armour, some sort of prototype, but otherwise nothing else was stolen. Last night he was able to point the guards towards a woman he thinks was involved, but as of the writing of this article then it is still uncertain if said woman has anything to do with it or not. The guards are looking into that. He did however have one more clue to the assailant’s identity, a name, or part of one.
Derrik Abberline: The male was clothed and hidden well, so I dont know his look, but just his name. Sid. H. Lester: Sid? hm. Derrik Abberline: Maybe a nickname, but thats all I know. Derrik Abberline: She blurted out his name during the fight.
We will be following the development of this story and if you know anything then please contact the guards (and then us!).

Boom goes the dwarf!

Late last night a dwarf blew himself up. He was apparently suspected of several crimes and a group of paladins and similar martial forces of the Cathedral of Light had cornered him near the bridge between Cathedral Square, the Canals and Dwarven District. It came to a showdown, he resisted being apprehended and as a fight was about to break out, he ignited the gunpowder in his rifle which caused an unreasonable large explosion. Tossing people to the sides while others managed to shield themselves and others again - like me - managed to quickly hide behind an out-cropping and take a picture was the dwarf went up in flames, his charred remains all which was left after the fast-burning fire. Exactly why his gunpowder in the rifle caused such a large explosion is a mystery which will most likely never be solved. In the middle of the aftermath, a local ex-guard took it upon herself to assault another spectator - all based on him saying “Go fuck yourself”, people sure seem on edge lately. And with a very short fuse. Pun intended. If anyone know more about what the dwarf had supposedly done, then feel free to contact us.