ost people who have frequented Stormwind in the last year has at some point come across 'Sul' and his misdeeds. Sometimes he gets dragged off by the guards, but he eventually surfaces again later. According to rumours then he has been visiting Duskwood a lot lately. Last night he was back in the city. Whether he is chasing women through the city clawing at them while claiming he can smell them carrying "fel-drugs" or assaulting innocent people for just existing, then 'Sul' never ceases to deliver when it comes to dangerous and stupid behaviour, and last night was no different. Exactly how it started, I don't know. Apparently, a lady friend of 'Sul' directed the brute towards the victim, a worgen gentleman, but why she did so, and why ‘Sul’ decided to act upon this is anyone’s guess. But does it really matter when 'Sul' is involved? You are guaranteed violence, eye-rolling idiocy, and head-shaking stupidity and far too little consequences for the lumbering brute, whenever he is let loose in Stormwind. Last night 'Sul' - a self proclaimed hero and destroyer of evil - decided to use the pointy end of a spear to stab an unarmed worgen in Lion's Rest, and before you know it, guards and random citizens got involved. Moments after a guard used her buzzbox to call for backup to help take statements from witnesses, assuring the person in the other end of the buzzbox that the situation had been de-escalated, 'Sul', true to his style refused arrest, and attacked the guards escalating the situation once more. A random civilian got involved, a large elf, when asked to step away and let the guards do their job, she of course, true to Stormwind decided she could do a better job than the guards and refused to leave. It resulted in guards firing rubber bullets at her. Meanwhile she kept trying to choke out 'Sul'. Exactly why people insist on getting involved, thinking they can do better than the guards already at the scene (I counted no less than 8) is something I will never understand. So from me to you dear reader - if guards are present - and they are not asking you to help them - then let them do their job and get out of the way. Don't make their job harder than it already is. The result was more chaos, but eventually the big man went down and was carried away. 'Sul' was locked up in the Stockades awaiting charges to be filed against him. Hopefully witness statements, assisting arrest and bloody evidence can keep 'Sul' from harming anyone else for a little while.