his version of the shorts news will focus on a few recent events in Boralus.

Problems in Boralus:

Lately some posters have been seen in Boralus, suppoesdly the Dockrats, who according to people are a violent group responsible for both murder and arson, are behind these posters. First, they accused people from Gilneas of buying business promising jobs but never giving them, all this while using a rather hateful languages towards those affected by the curse, calling them “filthy dogs”. Now, they have put posters “warning” people about the Ren’dorei, spreading another hate message about them trying to corrupt the young. Recently they posted another series of messages defending themselves, saying they are not killers but revolutionaries seeking to protect people, which, according to them, is why they ask money for. I am sure you can find a copy of said posters if you really want, but we will not be printing them in the paper, as we do not support those kinds of messages.

Tell tales with the Morodnir’s dwarves:

During the night, many tales were heard. From hunters fighting dangerous and majestic tigers to tales of wars against trolls and orcs. But also, more personal stories. Like how a little dwarven girl ended up in trouble with two yetis, or a story of betrayal in the sea that ended with the death of a young lad with a promising career in the navy. Different stories, but also different ways. Songs about the history of dwarves could be heard, poems about fights and some stories could be seen in the smoke. A lovely evening with a fascinating atmosphere. If you have the chance to join them next time, do not hesitate. And maybe consider having a story prepared, as anyone is welcome to share their own.

Boralus market:

Once more the market was a success, the new location seems to open the possibility for more stalls, as well as to appear more open and welcoming, inviting people to have a walk around the whole market, making easy to see every place. The central smithing pit is perfect for the live demonstrations, on this last occasion Alehandra showed parts of the process of making something, a screwdriver. It might seem that it is a simple tool, but it takes a lot of work and time. To show this point, Alehandra had to bring screwdrivers in different stages of the process as she would not have enough time to show the entire process live. Another example of a stalls showcasing variation and quality was present: Old Kingdom Arms, Fair Trade, Luck of the Worgen, Curious of the Wild, East Vocation Limited, Coalworks, Pinky’s Groggery and Hummingbird Emporium. As you can see, anything from food, cloth, trinkets, arms, anything you might need or a little treat for yourself. The ambient was completed by Folk-Folk, a group of three talented ladies whose performance had a good purpose, helping the gorillas in Stranglethorn.